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It is only uncomfortable when first entering inside me. OB says everything seems fine just by her exam though finally asked is this where it hurts. YEA!!!! Women without J pouch have the same thinning of the skin in this area. I have so much inflammation/feeling with the cuffitus like one has said feels like so much pressure in that area. There is not much between the two areas so why I feel its the issue. There seems to be scar tissue on outside in between the two areas. Can anyone relate to what I am describing? Have you found anything to help instead of avoiding that way to have sex? The issue seems to be it stretches that skin that is irritated.

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Lube, lube, lube...And more lube.

And being ready, relaxed and happy helps too.

The rest is so different from girl to girl...I suffered because they had not just removed my colon but closed everything off down there there was scar tissue, stiffness in an area that was supposed to be stretchy and lots of bleeding every time.

One of my ex-boyfriends complained that it was like being with a virgin every time...not fun at all. Even less fun for me...

If I say that the more often you enjoy your partner the easier it gets...would you believe me? helps to stretch the area more durable and the subsequent frequency seems to improve the thickness of the tissue in the vaginal canal.

Good luck and makes things easier.


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