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This is Not a Medical opinion but during one obstruction I tried injectible gravol (the seasickness med). I keep it in the house because I have serious periods of dizzy spells and it is the only thing that calms things down and allows me to also prevents my intestines from going into overdrive (I use the pill form when I travel to keep my pouch in check) I figured that I would try it. It worked. It does not help open up the occlusion but calms the contractions and pain.

I keep the kind that dissolves under the tongue and the child's liquid kind on hand at all times (I get blockages and full-blown obstructions on a regular basis)...when I have a full-blown obstruction I cannot take anything by mouth or my body goes into wild spasms of pain and contractions...that is when I use the injectable kind. 

My G.P now prescribes it to me for this reason. For the less severe blockages, I use normal pills or dissolvable pills. I have no preference for brands, generics are fine.






Cannabis and a heating pad here. I have had liquid stool for 20 years. So opioids dont mess with me to bad. When I take them I have cream of wheat poops. But I prefer to go as natural as possible. I also have way better luck laying down than sitting. Which makes sense. I have chronic obstructions. My last surgery I had 5 that they were able to clear. But they also told me my jpouch and my uterus are literally stuck together. So any issues in my lower abdomen they wont touch, due to fear that they will rip a hole in my pouch. So I pretty much live on a heating pad when I'm not working. I even have a rice bag I keep at work just in case. 

Sonja6--interesting about cannabis. I've debated trying it too as I'm getting kind of desperate for when obstructions happen. I feel like cannabis is the lesser of two evils compared to narcotics. Does it sort of mellow out the contractions, or do you feel like it actually has pain-relieving effects? Also curious what you use--cannabis oil or the stuff with THC in it. (For those of you concerned, I'm in Canada so this is all legal). 

Hi All

maddie18 posted:

The only relief I get is from Dilaudid.  I think that's how you spell it. Morphine never ever helps my pain it only makes me queasy.

Just to make my suggestion clear, I don't use any drugs for the early stages of an obstruction.  When I said I take Dilaudid, I meant I am given that when I am finally able to see a doctor in the ER.  Sometimes it takes hours to see a doc and the pain is worse than child birth.  When I suggested Dilaudid, I meant that not even morphine helps with the pain.  I just wanted you all know that this is a good option when you need pain relief in the worst stages of bowel pain.  I used to take demarol because that was the only drug that worked back in the old days but they don't give that anymore. 

Good luck everyone!!


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