I am about 10 months past takedown and I am still struggling to understand what I can eat without fire coming out if my tale and or broken glass. Today I enjoyed a fabulous crispy grilled hambuger from the new place up the street... BIG mistake. That burger all of its lovely double smashed crispness wripped me a new one... literally had blood in my undies. I suppose the crispy beef obviously did not break down and cut my @$$ like glass fragments...

Anyone else ever have beef bite back?


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Oh. Ya. Everything bit  back. Sorry to hear your going through that. It is miserable. And hard to explain how bad the pain is to someone who may have only had a flu and a sore butt. This is no comparison. 

I 2nd that.  We all have been down that road and still do; but not as much.  I feel for you.

Sounds like you have a fissure, which is a tear in your anal canal. This is not because of what you ate and altering your diet probably will not help much, other than hopefully reducing the caustic quality of your stool.

You can try antacids in the short term, but to heal the fissure, you need sitz baths and barrier creams. If that does not work, you need prescription ointments.


Yeah I was going to say similar to Jan. I reckon that's more a wear and tear injury than because of a particular food.  Meat in particular should be quite safe, sauces and the veg (lettuce and tomato) can cause burn but cream should help that.  Many people say fistula feels like passing broken glass, but to be honest I find most butt pain does.


If your frequency is high you need to be disciplined with cleaning, drying and using cream.  Hydration is mega important, at least for me.. But the more I drink the more watery consistency, to get around that I need to take psyllium husk (soluable fibre).  If I take fibre without enough water I get exactly what you describe..  it's sounds daft to drink water, then soak it all up with fibre, but I find it a requirement.  


If you can get your frequency under control, your butt will heal, then urgency will pass. You will then be more able to eat difficult foods... That's the ideal... But of course it's tricky to get there

Oh dear, it's horrible when something you enjoyed eating ends up making you suffer 

I found that taking a generous teaspoon of fine-grade Metamucil (psyllium husk) mixed with a minimal amount of water (swallowed down swiftly before it thickens into gloop) immediately before eating took away the pain from BMs. It provides a sort of cushioning effect for the food, slowing things down and giving you something to poop out that isn't just stomach acid and bits of food.

Hope you have a helpful medical person who can sort things out if this continues.

Apreciate the replies... really good ideas. I will try each one. I have had some success with adding more water. Another trick I am trying is a low dose of Colace to keep things softened up.

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Hi, I'm new to site. I had 80% of my colon taKen out on Aug 25. I don't hv a j pOuch, my doct connected last end is my colon to rectum. I'm having alot of the symptoms I see you guys mentioned. One bad thing my @utt is on fire. It feels like ants are eating it up and I could keep wiping. It also itches so bad. Does anyone have any help? I'm using barrier cream from hospital, its ok. I find a soak definitely helps,but I can't sit in tub all day! 

Invest in a 

ShowerMaxx Premium Cloth Diaper Sprayer - Adjustable Handheld Toilet Bidet Water 

This thing saved my behind!!! Only around $40 from amazon. Easy connection to your toilet. Never wipe, kills our jpouch tails.

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