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I was on my way to a great dance class when I started having abdominal cramping. Two hours later the pain reached an 8. It feels like little bits of stabbing broken glass. No blood, no fever, normal elimination. I did miss two doses of Questran and have stopped taking Immodium. I called the surgeon's office but have not had a return call. This is the third time I have had this. It happened at night before and was gone by morning. There were a couple of weeks in between each episode.
Has anyone else ever had this sensation? Recovery has been going great except for this. Total weirdness.
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I have a BCIR but a pouch is a pouch. I have this pain a lot. I feel like shards of glass are stabbing inside my pouch and all up my lungs and rib cage. I always sound crazy when I explain it. When I go back on Omniceff (stronger antibiotic than Cipro) it kills it so I think it is part of the Bacteria Overgrowth infection I keep reoccurring. Might be pouchitis as well. We are all different though and I am no doctor just sharing my pain.
Surgeon tells me he will give me any pain killers I need and that I have two strictures. He refuses to put me on any antibiotics. Otherwise see him in six months. As you can tell, I am feeling frustrated. He left me feeling pretty hopeless. I am fine as long as I do not eat any solids. As soon as I set solids the pain comes back. I just do not see how I can work and go to school with this.
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Pain feeling like broken glass is generally suggestive of a fissure(s)--though your issue seems to be in the pouch rather than during elimination. In that case, definitely contact your surgeon. That pain level is not within normal limits and should be checked out. It could be pouchitis so that is also something to rule out.
My pain is a mystery to everyone and they do think I am nuts. I just had another CT scan and 2nd pouch scope and both were fine , just have fluid build up in my pelvic area. IT is horrible pain. I went on vacation and didn't have it, came back home and it is back. I also have an allergy I developed here so wondering if it is all related in some weird way.

find a new GI
I confess that I hate GIs. I was left sitting in my toxins for 16 hours after my colon perforated by three different GIs. Each one told me I was "over sensitive to pain," I was experiencing "normal morphology," and that I would be "going home in a few hours." A nurse went behind their backs to call a surgeon. In one hour I lost enough bloody liquids to fill two wine bottles. She saved my life.
I know that I will have to see a gi soon but I really dread it to the point of screaming nightmares.
The surgeon has examined me twice. He has no explanation. I have two strictures but he is not too worried about them. A scope showed strictures and inflammation but not fissures.
The pain is gone as long as I do not eat anything solid. I have been able to double my daily walking distance so I am not doing too badly.
I do appreciate everyone's thoughtful posts. I keep making my daily list of why it is great to be alive and that helps a lot.

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