i had surgery as an emergency in January 2010 then in when they sent bowl samples away they said i had uc so could not reconect to colon. so in october 2010 had the 2nd lot off surgery where i had j-pouch made recovery was good but slow. i had third surgery in october 2011 had takedown and j-pouch was all working well just had very loose stools, i was taking norimode (lopermide hydrochloride ) 2mg x2 4 times a day 15 mins before food and just before bed. in january 2012 started getting really bad pains down in my bum. this i think is cramping, have seen my surgen several times and he has done sevral tests and he can not tell me what this is it keeps me awake most nights and is very painful, tests i have had are internal examination under anisetic / MRI scan /CT scan have hade causes of antibiotics but nothing has helped, if i starve for 2 days i get no pain but after eating for a day the pain returns, also i can go to bathroom and strugle to empty then just after i leave the bathroom can need to rush back to bathroom in just a few minutes. stool is still loose and suffer quiet a lot with but burn. if anyone has suffered this or can help i would be most greatfull.

many thanks
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Could it be a stricture? The pain could be somewhat of a partial blockage. But then it's rather odd that you'd only have the intense pain at night if it was a partial blockage.

It doesn't seem like it's a fissure because it seems you have the pain regardless of using the bathroom. Fissure pain feels like evacuating razor blades.

Very odd. I hope they figure out what's going on.

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thank you for all your thoughts
i do get some pain in the day as well as at night just worse at night probably because i only have 1 meal a day now and that is in the evening.
if it was a stricture i would have thought that they would have been able to see it from the CT scan i had 4 weeks ago, but they told me it all looked fine and as far as the surgen was concerned there was nothing wrong so he refuring me to a gastro specialist now maybe they can sort it.
My surgeon did a rectal exam to diagnose the stricture. Mine was right where the j pouch is connected to the anus so he was able to dilate (break up the scar tissue) with his finger. If the stricture was up higher then they usually do a procedure for it. Did your surgeon ever do a rectal exam to check? I don't think that a stricture that low would show up on a scan. But who knows...maybe it would.
Thank you Marianne
i did have an MRI and also had a pouch examination under anasetic but hes said that every thing looked fine. i'm not sure how much he could see on the CT not really even sure if a stricture would have shown on a CT or not.
maybe i should contact him again and ask the question !!!!!
Thanks again eddie
Thank you for all your thoughts have tried eating more time a day and eating less it seems that it dose not matter when i eat it just stays there till it builds up to a point then i start getting the pain again,I now get pain in my lower part off my tummy. i just think things are getting worse and now been told have to go on waiting list to see a different consaltant make me so cross.

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