Hi all, I have my J Pouch now for 13 years and apart from surgery to deal with Adhesions in 09, I have never looked back. However since the New Year, I have been suffering from terrible rectal pain (worse at night). It feels like I’m being stabbed up there with a sharp knife and passing BMs is excruciating. Frequency is definitely increased and I’m passing foul smelling yellowish water that gushes out of me. My question is surrounding the pain that has now developed where my Stoma used to be. Since 2009 op, I have a large ‘bulge’ protruding from right hand side of abdomen. It’s always been there since and while unsightly, I’m used to it. For the past 3 days I have a terrible pain in this area. It’s a sharp pain at times, totally out of the blue or a continual ache. It’s worse before a BM. The swelling in the ‘bulge’ last night was incredible and had to put my hand over it when walking to get ease.  I’ve never felt pain coming specifically from ‘the bulge’ before and am concerned. Coupled with the stabbing pain up my rectum, I wonder have any of you encountered these symptoms before and what was the outcome? Many thanks in advance for feedback or advice. 


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I think its probably a hernia you're witnessing. Did you do any heavy work/exercise in the recent past ? Many a times that triggers the hernia site. You should definitely get it checked. Hernia are rarely life threatning but they cause excruciating pain. The cure would be a minor surgery where they insert a mesh to fix it up. It could also be pus but I doubt it as you said the pain comes in episodes so its likely to be hernia.

I had my J-pouch surgery done in 1996-1997, Lately I have extreme burning at my anal site along  with slow leakage but lengthy flow time. I'm  almost 83 and this interferes with my sleeping and leaving the house .Please send any ideas or help.

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