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I had a temporary stoma about 14 years ago, then got my jpouch.  I have frequent pain and itching at the former stoma site.   Docs (not surgeons) aren't concerned about it but it doesn't seem normal to me.  My concern is that it might be leading to a bigger problem but at the same time I don't want to be an alarmist over what may truly not be a big deal.  Any thoughts,  similar experiences out there?   Thanks.

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Describe the pain more. Internal, sharp, when moving etc

I have noticed my stoma site to get itchy on occasion, I have also had internal discomfort(pressure) behind the area. It has always passed and hasn't been an issue for some time. I always assumed it was scar tissue in that area making it more difficult for material to pass through and maybe not chewing enough or having enough water.

I hope something or someone is able to help. Good luck!

I too itch at the stoma site occasionally but no pain. Never new why?  J pouch surgeries 2014.  It doesn't last so I wasn't concerned.  I also had hernia  reconstructive abdominal surgery in 2019 where they used mesh.  I itch at times all over abdomen.  I thought I was getting a allergic reaction.  This  comes  & goes.  Less over time.  Thankful it's not unbearably uncomfortable.   I can live with it.

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