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I had a j-pouch that worked well for over 30 years.  Las summer I began having problems. Long story short, it was repaired in December and I had a temporary illeostomy placed at that time.  The illeostomy worked well and I felt healthy and strong.  On June 7th the ostomy was taken down.  Right now I am exhausted with intermittent nausea and pain and on a full liquid diet. I’m getting depressed about this and wondering if I should have kept the illeostomy or if I can go back to it. I seem to be emptying ok but only liquid and gas. I don’t really remember the original  take down very well and wondering what I should expect and not expect on this journey.

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Yeah my wife is a retired nurse, she's great. It seems the jpouch portion of my intestine is taking longer to wake up as they say.. The just messaged me o go back to clear liquids, it's been almost two weeks, not sure how long my body can sustain clear liquids.. Was wondering if going back to an illeosotmy would be since it has been working for last six months . I was under the impression that this would easier than the first surgery six months ago

Hi...I'm sorry to hear about your issues and hope that you start feeling better soon. I also have a 30+ year pouch and have had a ton of problems recently. Do you mind telling me who you worked with to identify your issues and who did your ileostomy?  I'm also wondering if the ileostomy they gave you was an "end" or a "loop" since it seemed to work well for you.

Good luck ...and I hope you're soon on your way to a strong and complete recovery.

Thank you ElizaB

It was Dr. Holubar at Cleveland Clinic did the surgery. He was also instrumental in identifying the issue as well. Dr Benjamin Click ( University of Colorado health ) did the scope which Dr. Holubar said was very helpful. And I believe I had a loop illeostomy. Good luck and I hope you get resolution to your issues.

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