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Hi all,

I'm about a month since take down and am experiencing my first ouchie stings of butt burn. 

i did a search and have read many posts on this topic, but I don't see any answers to whether our old ostomy barrier wipes might make a good tushy barrier wipe. Any feedback on that?  It just seems that a barrier that could protect my skin from a loop ileo output for days should be good for the hours between bidet cleanings?

I used ilex and Calmoseptine for the past two days, but just now took a sitz bath with baking soda (to lessen the acid), blotted and used a hair dryer, then wiped with my old 3m Cavillon wipes. Off to bed now, I'll let you know any updates tomorrow.  Meanwhile, anyone with experience or knowledge on this, I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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Hmmm, I don't know; never tried it.


I can tell you that the last ostomy nurse I had was not a fan of many of the barrier wipes, as she felt they would eventually have a reverse effect on the skin and make things more sensitive. She was very careful about which ones she used and recommended.


Would hate to do anything that makes BB more sensitive!  In theory, though, it sounds like it may work. Let us know what happens.



I've never tried it, but like Ginlynn, my ostomy nurse was also not a fan of the barrier wipes. She felt they were overdrying to the skin which could eventually lead to more irritation. That feels like a strike against them for me, but you could always give them a try sparingly and see how it goes!


I still occasionally get butt burn, irritation, and hemorrhoids. Calmoseptine is my go to for all 3.

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Used leftover Lanolin cream (for nursing moms; for breast tenderness) on my daughter's diaper rash back in the day. Cleared it up fast. They actually market it for diaper rash, too. Never used it on myself, but worked like a champ on her. It's kind of sticky, though, but creates a waterproof barrier. Always worth a shot, if nothing else works.

Hello!  Sorry, I was the original poster and I said I would follow up, then forgot to do so.  Anyway!  I ended up thinking that the wipes were fine. For me, they are preferable to having a creamy ointment there. Though the ointments do work great, as a new poucher at the time, I most craved just a pain free, DRY, bottom. You know, one of those things that people have no idea to be grateful about. :-)

So I switched to Caldesene (zinc plus talc) powder. It feels dry and comfy, especially in the hot weather, and it seals out moisture pretty well.

Just my experience. :-)


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