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Hi all, my gastro doc ordered a bone density test - he said I should be tested as I'm thin and have had the UC diagnosis since 2008, have an ostomy now but still don't absorb nutrients normally. I just got the osteoporosis diagnosis today. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist at the end of January and I assume I will have to have transfusions of meds rather than oral meds due to my digestive issues. Does anyone have any experience with this? My mom had this, but she drank coffee all day and chain smoked.  I guess I thought I could avoid it with my healthy lifestyle (which I had when I was diagnosed with UC, but it didn't prevent my disease.) Oh well, any info much appreciated. Thanks!

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I have had Osteopinia, close to Osteoporosis for quite a while, and had Reclast infusions for 5 years because I couldn't take Fosomax.  Infusions took about an hour, as I recall, no side effects, just needed to drink fluids and take Tylenol.  My doctors are now fighting with insurance so I can get Prolia, but because it is still considered Osteopinia, they are giving us a hard time.  Hope this helps.


When I was in my young 20s, I had a bone density test done.  I was osteopenic.  He said it was probably from my months on prednisone as a teenager, which seemed crazy to me as I would have assumed after 7 years or so that the bone tissue would have grown back on it's own.  He had me on calcium and vitamin D for months and rechecked me and I was back to normal.  I've never been checked again and I'm now 35.  Haven't really even thought about it til now.

I've been on calcium and vitamin D for years as well as Fosomax and Reclast.  I am in my 60"s and not sure I even want to bother with anything else since I still have Osteopenia.  I am pretty active and hopefully that will help.  This has been going on since after I had my hysterectomy at 49.  I am also thin and small boned, perfect combination for Osteoperosis.  My Mom had it also and never broke a bone until she was in her 90's and then it was her wrist from a fall.  

CTB23, my endocrinologist today at my appointment recommended Fosomex since my "numbers" have been going down on my bone density tests. How did you tolerate it? He told me that 1 in every 40,000 develops a hole in her jaw and that a very few experience spontaneous femur breaks. Yikes! He said rare and still better to treat. The other injectable treatment had something to do with the immune system and so he wants to avoid it. Why couldn't you tolerate Fosomex?

It caused stomach upset and acid reflux for me.  I had Fosomax and Reclast prior to being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  I tried Risedronate Sodium recently and that gave me terrible stomach cramps.  My doctor has been trying to get Prolia for me but I am borderline osteoporosis, not full blown. so insurance will not cover it and it is expensive.  

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