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anyone heard about use of oregano drops put in capsules to use in place of antibiotics..apparently suppose to have antibiotic properties..

There is wild oregano oil capsules in Solgar  I think that is ok, I will buy it for my daughter and she will try


I tried making oil of oregano capsules today and ran into a problem. I mixed 4 drops Oil of oregano with 6-8 drops coconut oil into capsules & the capsules leaked oil all over the counter. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I did wrong?

I have had continued success using Oil of Oregano.  At first I took one capsule x 2 per day and in recent weeks take it only once per day.  I had terrible luck filling my own capsules as it would leak and burn upon any skin it touched.  I have been using -prefilled capsules sold at our local health food store.  Once in a while I will feel like pouchitis may be "knocking at the door" and when that happens I'll take a Cipro or if needed take another dose 12 hours later.  I've been basically Cipro and pouchitis free for the past 4 months.  This is after having chronic pouchitis for years.

After taking the oregano oil instead of antibiotics for 3 months my body became acclimated to the oregano oil jus like it does the antibiotics but I keep it in my rotation of 5 different antibiotics every week and tat has worked well.

I've had my jpouch for 14 years.. it is still a problem 50% of the time.   Am eating very little because it hurts to go to the bathroom. Almost all foods caused a problem. Either I can't go or I eat too much ice cream or something and I go too much.

Skin issues. Soooo sore. Stinging a lot of the time... take Cipro often.. seems I can't go off for too long.. now drinking apple cider vinegar and water to take the inflammation out. 

  Anybody have any thoughts?  Why would it still be so hard???? What does oregeno oil do??


Clouseau, thanks for sharing your experience with oregano oil. I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work long term. How are you doing now? 

I think Oregano oil may have been causing me chest pains but not positive if that was the cause, just dont think naturual is 100% safe 

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