anyone heard about use of oregano drops put in capsules to use in place of antibiotics..apparently suppose to have antibiotic properties..
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Yes! I am about to start using oregano along with frankincense (for inflammation) in capsules as soon as I finished with the antibiotics that the doctor has prescribed me. I am a huge advocate for mixing holistic care with medical care. I think holistic is a great way to help with maintenence. Keep us posted if you do try this out and I will try to do the same :-)
By maintenance I mean it is just a good way to maintain your health with your j pouch. At least that is what my experience has been and that his what I believe.I think that when you are in a bad place with your health you need modern medicine to help you get better as quickly as possible. But once you are well I think that holistic care can really help a lot with staying well along with whatever your doctor feels is best for you. I don't believe in a holistic proven cure for IBD but I do believe in holistic treatment.
yep we all should be interested..i am following a pouch friend in ohio who has been doing oregano oil drops now for over three weeks antibiotics for first time in many,many years..she is thrilled..she takes about 10 drops so i am waiting to follow her with better understanding of how many drops to take..she is sufferer of pouchitis/

i can find out where and what kind of oregano oil we need to take..even dr. shen is looking into it..

at best its a way to get off traditional antibiotics without their possible side effects and at worst if it is not possible to take indefinitely ( do not know answer to that yet) its an alternative to give ourselves a break from rotating or using antibiotics..

i want to add any of those on it are also following a special diet of no starches,no sugar outside of fruit..but it is not clear if that is required..holistic practionists advocate removing those foods anyway because they feed bad bacteria..this seems to be accepted by most..
Rebecca, please keep us posted on this. I believe that these sorts of treatments can work and am interested in anything more you find out. It makes sense, especially considering that many of our current medications are derived from plants.
jon95 i plan on following through on oregano success and finds and if you noticed my original source from ohio has chimed in far so good for her..we all need to follow this one..
I bought some veggie caps and I will be putting 3 to 4 drops of oregano oil in with some fractionated coconut oil. I took some in water but it was HOT!!! It did not burn on the way out though. So I heard from someone more professional on the matter. I will need to start out with 1 capsule in the morning WITH food and take a good probiotic at night. It should be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks before I notice a significant improvement. There are different types of oregano with different properties. I was told the oregano oil you need for this sort of thing is wild oregano oil (oregano vulgari/vulgaris). I am using a brand of therapy grade oregano oil. The brand starts with the letter "D" and is 7 letters long. I am already experiencing remission with Ivig infusions but am still struggling with a lot of excess gas no matter what I eat. So from the standpoint of extreme excess gas, I will let you guys know how the oregano oil goes for me.
I read that it may affect the body’s ability to absorb iron if used for long periods of time, so an iron supplement should be taken along with any regular internal oregano oil regimen. Smiler
Why in caps? Why not just ingest the drops. My understanding is they can be diluted in virgin olive oil and taken that way.
I've also seen where the person would take a mouthful of water and hold it in the back of their throat administer the drops swallow then immediately drink more water.
I have the same question about the caps. If it's diluted first, why the need for the capsule? I'm planning to start taking soon and my stuff that arrived from Greece doesn't mention capsules.
I have been using the oregano oil in stead of antibiotics for a couple months now with success. If you use the proper oregano oil that I described before with the correct strengths you CAN NOT put the drops in your mouth or even in liquid as it is so bitter. The oil is in a dropper so it is very easy to put in a capsule.
I do it 3x day. Actually I fill 3 capsules, with 4 drops each and put 2 in a holder that I bought for PM and evening. I do need to take 2 ammonium 2X day now as well but it works just as well as any antibiotic I've taken.
clouseau, what size capsules do you buy? i'm a baby about swallowing giant horse pills. size 00, 0, 1, etc. thanks!
clz81 you may want to look into Joy of the Mountains oils. Their oil of oregano is already diluted in olive oil and can be taken direct without a capsule.
The capsules you buy in a health food store are not very big just the size of a normal supplement. 4 drops take up very little space so if you could find a smaller capsule which I have not seem but also have not searched for you would be fine. The only problem using diluted oil is you don't know how much to take since its hard to know how diluted it is.
You can use any size capsule as you only need to put in several drops, they only come in 2 sizes though that I am aware of, small large.
I tried the oregano drops and took them in water but they made me lose so much fluid I ended up getting really dehydrated. Anybody else have that reaction? Disappointed as back on Cipro again and it makes me very irritable.

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