Yes! I am about to start using oregano along with frankincense (for inflammation) in capsules as soon as I finished with the antibiotics that the doctor has prescribed me. I am a huge advocate for mixing holistic care with medical care. I think holistic is a great way to help with maintenence. Keep us posted if you do try this out and I will try to do the same :-)
By maintenance I mean it is just a good way to maintain your health with your j pouch. At least that is what my experience has been and that his what I believe.I think that when you are in a bad place with your health you need modern medicine to help you get better as quickly as possible. But once you are well I think that holistic care can really help a lot with staying well along with whatever your doctor feels is best for you. I don't believe in a holistic proven cure for IBD but I do believe in holistic treatment.
yep we all should be interested..i am following a pouch friend in ohio who has been doing oregano oil drops now for over three weeks antibiotics for first time in many,many years..she is thrilled..she takes about 10 drops so i am waiting to follow her with better understanding of how many drops to take..she is sufferer of pouchitis/

i can find out where and what kind of oregano oil we need to take..even dr. shen is looking into it..

at best its a way to get off traditional antibiotics without their possible side effects and at worst if it is not possible to take indefinitely ( do not know answer to that yet) its an alternative to give ourselves a break from rotating or using antibiotics..

i want to add any of those on it are also following a special diet of no starches,no sugar outside of fruit..but it is not clear if that is required..holistic practionists advocate removing those foods anyway because they feed bad bacteria..this seems to be accepted by most..
I bought some veggie caps and I will be putting 3 to 4 drops of oregano oil in with some fractionated coconut oil. I took some in water but it was HOT!!! It did not burn on the way out though. So I heard from someone more professional on the matter. I will need to start out with 1 capsule in the morning WITH food and take a good probiotic at night. It should be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks before I notice a significant improvement. There are different types of oregano with different properties. I was told the oregano oil you need for this sort of thing is wild oregano oil (oregano vulgari/vulgaris). I am using a brand of therapy grade oregano oil. The brand starts with the letter "D" and is 7 letters long. I am already experiencing remission with Ivig infusions but am still struggling with a lot of excess gas no matter what I eat. So from the standpoint of extreme excess gas, I will let you guys know how the oregano oil goes for me.
Why in caps? Why not just ingest the drops. My understanding is they can be diluted in virgin olive oil and taken that way.
I've also seen where the person would take a mouthful of water and hold it in the back of their throat administer the drops swallow then immediately drink more water.
I have been using the oregano oil in stead of antibiotics for a couple months now with success. If you use the proper oregano oil that I described before with the correct strengths you CAN NOT put the drops in your mouth or even in liquid as it is so bitter. The oil is in a dropper so it is very easy to put in a capsule.
I do it 3x day. Actually I fill 3 capsules, with 4 drops each and put 2 in a holder that I bought for PM and evening. I do need to take 2 ammonium 2X day now as well but it works just as well as any antibiotic I've taken.
The capsules you buy in a health food store are not very big just the size of a normal supplement. 4 drops take up very little space so if you could find a smaller capsule which I have not seem but also have not searched for you would be fine. The only problem using diluted oil is you don't know how much to take since its hard to know how diluted it is.
Ok. I'm so sorry I've been MIA on this issue. The Oregano Oil drops have been wonderful. And as a side note,  if you are taking an oil of Oregano by mouth and not in a capsule, then I honestly question the quality or potency of the oil. The type of oil that has been recommended by the professional is concentrated wild oregano and if it were to be taken by mouth, then it would be VERY VERY  HOT! As far as the last post, I've never had a problem with Oregano Oil being dehydrating. And I dehydrate faster than most j pouchers. I wouldn't give up. I would just try the oil of oregano in the recommended form: wild oregano oil (oregano vulgaris), 4 drops in a small veggie capsule 1 to 3 times daily, with a good probiotic during or in between rounds. I've been advised that a round of treatment should only last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months at a time.
I usually just take 1 drop of frankincense under sublingualy once or twice daily. I love the D****** brand. (sorry, I don't want to advertise, and I want to make sure my recommendations are sincere so I thought don't usually post full brand names. I am not affiliated with any particular brand of essential oils. This is just my experience. Always make sure to consult your doctor before starting ANY holistic care. There are herbs, essential oils and even vitamins out there that can interact with certain medications.)

I'm going through an episode of pouchitis... back on cipro and flagyl.  But they are not being effective like they were in the past.  Usually by day 3 I'm ready to take on the world again but not much relief now after day 4.  I'm thinking of going with oil of oregano.  Do you think it's ok to supplement the oil with the antibiotics?  Has anyone talked to a health care professional about this?  I just want to move in the right direction... get this behind me.  I was off wheat and sugar... now when I get this behind me I think I will go with the SCD diet.  Somethings gotta work!

My son is taking oil of oregano in capsules from Gaia. He takes it twice a day (along with other usual supplements and humira). It has kept him off antibiotics since June. I imagine he will be on it long term.  

1. Someone said they only recommended going on this for a few months and that it might deplete iron long term. What have others heard about long term?

2. Also what is Frankincense for?

Thank you.

My functional medicine doctor gave it to my son for about 3 weeks, not for long term use.

Frankincence or Boswilla used for inflammation only need a drop or two under tongue

look to switching to Entyvio if the Humira is not helping. That's all I take now for the last year. No more pouchitis 

Thanks Scott. Actually I'm not throwing in the towel. I'm not a quitter. 30 years of flying a commercial airliner with a jpouch will tell you I have overcome my share of difficulties. 

I am looking at other options today. Maybe rifaximin or tinidazole?  Have you had experiences good or bad with these?



All I have been using is Entyvio since last Thanksgiving 2015. 

That year I had to go back to a ostomy I was so deathly sick. Nothing was working anymore. It was experimental but it was that or pouch removal as even  with a disconnected pouch it was still inflamed and I was sick. Two weeks after my second infusion they allowed me to reverse. Some minor side effects but all in all I'm extremely happy. I hardly think about my pouch anymore!  Remicade almost killed me! I hope I get a few years till the next drug du jour comes out, lol! 

check out on Facebook EntyvioWarriors. 

PS scroll down and look at all the shit I've been on! 

I am so excited to see there are people using essential oils to treat pouchitis! I have had my pouch for a very long time (20 years this coming July). I have suffered with pouchitis on and off all these years. Cipro, Flagyl etc. I also need regular dilation for my stricture. At first I was skeptical about using essential oils, but they work. I use one drop of frankincense under my tongue in the morning and one drop in the evening. It's like a miracle. I have only been using the oils a short time, but I saw improvement within a few days. What can it hurt? There are no side effects and nothing gets processed through your liver! I am a true believer!!  Make sure you use a high quality oil to obtain results! These oils are now being used by the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins. Do some research for yourself! 

I've had chronic pouchitis for the past few years and have treated it with Cipro.  After my last flare was under control using Cipro, I decided to try to switch to Oil of Oregano.  For a few days I reduced the Cipro and took only one Cipro in the morning with one capsule of OoO in the evening.  For the past week I've not had any Cipro but only the OoO two times per day.  For the first time in years I have no signs of the pouchitis returning!  I realize it has only been a couple weeks but I've never gone this long without having Cipro on board.  Feeling very hopeful!  

Are the people on oil of oregano staying on it long term? Someone said not to stay on past three months.  My son has now been on Gaia capsules about 8 months, so I am wondering about long term impact.   Also,  is anyone recommending a specific probiotic (other than VSL) in combination with this.  Thanks.

I've been taking Cipro for a while and I think it's losing its effectiveness. I'm tired of getting up at all hours of the night. I never get a full night's sleep. I can only hope. I am encouraged to try the oregano caps. I found a good buy at Puritan's Pride. I'll report back as soon as I can see any result.

Another way to take oil of oregano is to rub it on the bottom of your feet.  According to my naturopath, she says the absorption rate is pretty good.  But you have to make sure you get the pure stuff.  Do your research because a lot of the stuff in the health food stores is watered down.

I started an alkaline diet because I had so much stinging and pain eating other foods.  The stinging has gone but my food is not breaking down and it gets stuck so I have to digitally remove it... lovely, right?

Has anyone had this problem??? My jpouch is 15 years old..


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