Hi everyoneSmiler My takedown surgery was two months ago (april 16th), and my Surgeon just prescribed tincture of opium. He wants me to take .5ml every six hours. I was taking benefiber, and 8 immodium a day. I am nervous to take it. Just wondering if anyone else is taking it? Also, how does it effect you? I am a stay at home mom, and don't want to be all loopy while I am taking care of my kiddos. However, being in the bathroom on the toilet every 20 minutes isn't great either! Any thoughts or advice would be greatSmiler Thank you
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Do a search here on tincture of opium or opium. (Here is one here.) There have been a number of people who've used them and I don't recall that any of them ever said it made them loopy. Perhaps you could try them out when you have family or friends around so if something seems out of wack you'll have someone to help you out. I think the dose is low enough that it doesn't have the 'high' effects. If it affects you, maybe you could lower the dose?

I hope you find something that works for you.

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I've been taking it every night since my takedown (December 200).....other than it has a terrible taste, I've become "loopy" from it...no problem taking it except for the taste...try it...follow it with something sweet to drink or chew to take the awful taste away
have taken it, no issues at all and I'm tiny and drugs usually affect me dramatically. No issues with tincture of opium- well other than it has to be the nastiest thing I have ever tasted. So have something ready to eat or drink right there. It definitely helped in slowing down transit time for me. Kind of a nuisance though cause you have to carry it around in a bottle and a dropper as I was taking it several times a day.
One of the advantages of mixing with a bit of water is that you can premix and carry with you in
in small bottles (I use small plastic, the size as used for carrying liquids on a plane) The other advantage and why I always do it even at home, is it doesn't taste near as foul.

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