Have had ongoing issues lately with pouch. After 11yrs this past year on and off pouchitis stricture and partial blocks. Went on antibiotics awhile ago which did not help. Doc suggested Entocort which is a mild steroid. Have been on for almost 3 wks. Thought it was ok but last few days no matter what food having cramping and hard to empty pouch. So used irrigation tube which helps a bit. Tonight lots of cramping and tube had blood in it after a bit. Never had that. Thinking stricture but not sure as tube will go in.
Any thoughts?
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The issue might be a stricture at the inlet to the pouch. Have you had an examination of the pouch lately?  I had various issues over the years which included your problems as well as the inlet issue tried entocort but the only thing to work for me was pred. which set me up for other problems but I would go with a look inside to start off.  

I didn't have a pouch exam but was in hospital a few weeks ago and had rectal which no stricture at that point. Just spoke with doc office and prob stop Entocort and do Cipro and flagyl combo for now. Having pouch out in Jan so hoping to last till then. Ugh ):

I am waiting for a date for removal as well four months so far no date as yet.  Good luck scary stuff have had pouch since 1987 the last few years have not been fun hope the future is more predictable in regards to how things function when one gets up in the morning. Jan is a ways off for sure.

Thanks Shawne. Hoping to wait until Jan if possible. Just started Cipro / flagyl with high hopes. I have spoken with others that have said surgery well worth it in the long term. I want a better quality of life even if inconvenienced for a few months of recovery.

Best of luck to you!

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