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This time last year I was in ICU after having surgery for cancer, which caused a tear in my j pouch...long story short (in case you don't remember) I had emergency surgery to repair my pouch and a temporary loop ileostomy. I spent almost a month in ICU, followed by radiation and then a reversal in June. And guess what? One year later I feel GREAT! My pouch is better than before and my energy level is just about back completely. I'm told Im very lucky to be alive. I just wanted to share my good news and say thank you to everyone that offered advice, etc! Smiler
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Jan, I'll never, ever take anything for granted! I've been doing everything I've always wanted to do but never found the time for. My family is having a blast with "New Mom." I don't know what's down the road, but right now, at this moment, life's pretty great Smiler
Thanks again and Happy Valentine's Day...this time last year I was begging for my NG tube to be removed!!!!
That is fabulous news! Good for you!
Isn't it interesting that sometimes it takes a major trauma, or multiple trauma's to see life differently and appreciate what you do have. I believe in the last 2 years since getting a lymphoma diagnosis and having serious pouch problems, (I think they are related), the lymphoma has exacerbated the GI problems, I appreciate things more. I used to run at such a wild pace, am a business consultant, and I have really slowed down, work a lot less, and seem to spent a lot of each day on strategies to get better, exercise, eating cancer fighting foods, acupuncture, energy work, meditation etc.

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