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Feb 26 was one year since take down. Glad to have that first year behind me.

Some positives are that I can eat a pretty good variety and I feel like I have a routine down. I'm starting to learn what to adjust when I don't feel well. When I'm not having issues my frequency is 6 to 8 times per day.

I am currently fighting cuffitis. I'm very sore which makes it hard to use the canasa suppositories, but I know I've gotta if I want to kick it. I still get very tired and am usually up at least once per night. I also still struggle to gain weight and wish I could add about 10 lbs. I've had pouchitis a few times as well.

I had hoped the one year mark would have brought me to a point of "normal" life, but I'm not there yet. Working with my GI doc and hope by year 2 I don't feel like the pouch dictates my life.

Big thank you to all of you. I've come to this forum many times and the advice here has been so valuable.

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