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I'm getting a permanent ileostomy after a 25 yr j pouch.  I just starting researching and I didn't even realize that there was such a thing as one piece bag.  I have seen some of the pros and cons, but what do you people think or use.  Seems like the two piece system gives you more flexibility.  I am a very active person who does a lot of sports and swimming, etc.

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I've only used 2-piece.  I like to "burp" my bag at the flange to get the air out.  I think most one-pieces have filters to keep gas out of the bag (I personally didn't like using filters), or you can release air from the bottom opening.  I can also put a fresh bag on the 2-piece without replacing the wafer itself if I feel like it. 

OTOH, I understand with 1-pieces some people report fewer problems with leakage.  Lots of pros and cons to both.   The hospital will be putting you in their set-up initially, which will probably be a 2-piece.   Later, you can start experimenting with different types of products (contact the Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast, etc. for free samples).  There's also a facebook group called "The Real Ostomy Support Group" that's given me lots of good tips re. ostomy equipment and care that you can check out if you are interested.

I like opaque bags. Not clear bags  I know what's in there I really don't need to see it except to empty. 

But I also use a 2 peice. Drsinabke.  I put the flange on first. I have pre cut wafers. Fit perfectly. But I don't think I could get a one peice centered over my stoma correctly.

I'd have to use a clear bag to do to a one peice.


I found one piece systems work best. I personally don't like filters so don't have them in the bag. I empty gas from the bottom.  

Richard is right. I prefer clear bags on the front as it helps when changing. 

I use a convex wafer and have tried about every brand. 

Start out with what the stoma nurse sets you up with. I also changed it myself at the hospital so I was good with it when I went home. 

I hope all goes well.

I've used both 1-piece and 2-piece and found reasons to like them both. It's harder to center the flange of a 1-piece since you have to look through a little window, but once it's on, I like that the bag can't fall off, as it occasionally and catastrophically does with some 2-pieces. I also like the lower profile, meaning a 1-piece doesn't stick out from your abdomen as far. However, I have had to keep trying new systems to find one that works and am currently back to a 2-piece that is working pretty well so far. 2-pieces are better in that you can see exactly where you are placing it, you can "burp" the bag (I don't do that much though). Both are drainable.

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