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Hello all, 

so much going on.  So many things I can worry/ask about. But for now, I just thought I'd mention Butt Powder. It seems everyone uses butt creams (ilex, Calmoseptine, a&d...). 

I prefer to use powder, it just instinctively feels more healing to help dry the area and it's much more comfortable for me too.  I use a generic drugstore brand that is 85% talc, 15% zinc. The common name is Caldesene. Anyway, the zinc really does create a great barrier from moisture (it's hard to wash off your hands!). And sometimes, if I know I'm gonna be eating tomato sauce or something, I will put ilex on top of the powder For double protection.  

oh, and don't use cornstarch powder, cause that could feed yeast theoretically, I've been told. 

Just thought I'd share these thoughts. 

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I've also come to the conclusion that a powder - at least during these hot days - works much better for me than ointments at keeping the area dry and rash-free.   Thanks for the caldesene tip, I'm going to look into it.  I've used anti-monkey butt powder and a couple others.  However,  I am trying to get away from talc (due to asthma)  and heard that bentonite powder can be used as a DIY.  Anybody ever try that, or have thoughts? 


PS, for protection from leakage, however, an ointment still helps the most, in my experience.

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