Back for a moment to say, Jeez Louise! Calmoseptine is NOT for me!

I might as well have put Vick's Salve or muscle rub on my tuckus! That stuff is crazy menthol. For an hour, it was like a cold, minty breeze was blowing all up in my bidness! So bizarrely uncomfortable! I tried it due to all the rave reviews here, but no sir! Going back to my old faithful A&D ointment for occasional issues.
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Nice to see you Rachel! I'm with you; the notion of menthol up my butt is not a pleasant thought, especially if there is irritation present. I really don't understand the appeal, but to each his own...

My "go-to" ointment if I have butt burn is Desitin Creamy (no fishy smell) or Sween Baza Antifungal (zinc oxide with miconazole nitrate).

Jan Smiler
I am in the UK - and all the creams that have been mentioned are available from Amazon UK - but from USA companies - so would take a while to arrive - now I don't like the sound of putting a menthol cream on my butt!!
In the UK we have Sudocrem and zinc and castor oil cream also bepantham - for nappy rash - I'm due to have my takedown October 25th and wonder if one of the nappy rash creams 'would do' for the time being - or if I should rely on the hospital to prescribe something if I suffer butt burn (is butt burn inevitable?)
I'm sure you've heard of the proverb:
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Well, this is an example that really illustrates it. Butt burn is 1000% easier to prevent than treat, so DO NOT wait for the hospital to prescribe something! Bring your own diaper rash barrier cream when you go to the hospital and begin using it before your first bowel movement. I didn't and wound up with a terrible rash/fungal infection. The only thing good about it was that it distracted me from my incisional pain.

Butt burn is not inevitable, but it is extremely common. After a few months I did not need to use a barrier cream.

But, yeah, I don't think you have to have any particular ointment and most fit for a baby's butt are good for you too. An ingredient that is common to most is zinc oxide. No need to make this overly complex.

Jan Smiler
I go to the bathroom alot and carry my fair share of baby diaper rash ointment and hemorrhoid wipes and ointment.They also make a ointment with a caine base-it means it numbs the area-it's wonderful when you are desperate. I also figure if it's ok for a baby then I am all in.
Will do my baby cream shopping in plenty of time - and make sure I've got it with me before - well - you know !!

Thank you all for your input (apologies for hijacking original post!)
I had exactly the same reaction to Calmoseptine, Rachel, but your description was delightful. A&D is too stinky for me, but plain zinc oxide works just fine. I actually favored Ferguson Formula, but I seem to be the only one here who's used it.
Sorry to be different... but I LOVE my Calmoseptine and DO NOT want to be without it. I buy a dozen tubes at a time. Nothing can take it's place. I've tried everything.
Yep, Calmoseptine on raw skin can be quite uncomfortable. Desitin worked much better for me, but I hated having to put it on after each BM. I neutralized "the burn" with 1 tsp of powdered fiber 1x daily, and dabbed a little Vaseline on the raw skin till it healed.
Lol! Calmoseptine does feel odd, but it works great for me. Just don't get any on your clothing! I also found the Ilex paste to work really well.
I cannot be without my Calmospetine. It's the only thing that works when I get butt burn. I think that menthol sensation is so soothing. I have a tube in each bathroom!
Im with you Marianne, I cant live without Calmospetine! I have tubes everywhere! I tried many other creams and nothing works for me but this one. I dont know what I would do if they stopped making it.
Loved my calmoseptine! I actually kind of miss the smell of it. I also had a tube in every bathroom and one in my purse!
ILEX all the way! No smell, no burn, and I've never had a problem with it staining or being hard to remove. Use it daily, would be lost without it!
calmoseptine w/o question is the best product i have ever used.

That cool menthol blast on my poor aching rear is like a slice of butt heaven Smiler
I always used Desatin creamy until I discovered Calmoseptine. Recently traveled to Mexico and the Mexican TSA-like guy confiscated it. It was originally a 4oz tube, but a good 2/3 used up so less than the 3oz limit (I folded the tube in half back onto itself to fit it and many other toiletries into my 1 quart bag). At first I started to argue with him that it wasn't actually inviolation and then that it was necesary medication. Then I thought better as I didn't want to end up in a Mexican prison for an arguement over butt cream! I LOVE the coolness on my backside when feeling inflamed, and it is thicker than the desatin, so less likely to cause additional leaking.

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