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I have PCOS which for me meant I had a period only about twice a year. 2 months after my final j pouch surgery, I started spotting every other day... now for the past month (or two) I've had a non-stop period. The bleeding seems to be getting worse...ugh... the surgeon said she had to burst one of my cysts during surgery to see what she was doing but if that was my problem I think I would have seen problems sooner. Yes, I need to go to a ob-gyn. Just wanted some thoughts.
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Hey there! I found out I had PCOS this past spring, my final surgery was just over two years ago at that point. I had C-Diff in January so I thought I had stomach problems but NOPE! the pain was due to the cysts.
I had an IUD, which can cause more cysts, so avoid that. Also I am doing the shot now because the gyno was concerned I would not absorb birth control pills normally, which not only prevent pregnancy but help prevent cysts by regulating your hormones. Shot does the same thing but is obviously absorbed better than the pill!
Hope this helps a bit, took me about a year to figure out my problems weren't only in my intestines.
Hi Kelsey and Jennifer,

The IUD causes more ovarian cysts to occur? Good Lord, I was told the OPPOSITE!! I do not definitely have PCOS, but have trouble with forming cysts on my ovaries.

I am so glad I saw this post. I just spent over an hour in the MRI machine yesterday to gauge whether it is time to go in to remove more cysts or whether I can wait it out for a while.

I had surgery in 2010 to remove a bunch and I was told to have the IUD, which I did, because it would lower the amount of cysts!

Jennifer, I agree. I have no idea why every doc seems to have a different opinion.

Thanks for the info though, I will start checking it out!


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