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After a number of hours wearing an Ampatch or any kind of covering over my stoma, I sometimes notice an odor. It doesn’t happen all of the time and it seems to be when the pad is overly saturated with fluid and/or mucus from the stoma. I never have stool leakage; but the odor has a horrible, very similar smell. I often wonder if other people can smell it too if they’re in close proximity. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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Winterberry, Actually, it’s not the output that seems to be the problem; but rather it’s the fluid/mucus that collects on my bandage throughout the day. I have also wondered if I’m just not drinking enough water. Maybe, when I’m dehydrated it’s causing an unusual odor. I just scheduled an appointment to see my doctor. I will mention it to him to see if he has any idea what the root of the issue might be. However, you are correct. I could see how fish or eggs would create a bad smell. Thanks!

 I also don’t think other people notice. Could you try not using an Ampatch  for a while and see if the smell dissipates. I happen to have quite a bit of mucus so I use nursing pad, which conveniently adheres to my under pants. Some days I need to change it more than once. I also think that would be better for your skin than having the ampatch on all the time.

Jan15, during the week, I wear scrubs while I’m working. I use cotton pads underneath an adhesive which allows me to change the pads throughout the day when they become saturated. I typically only wear the Ampatch on the weekend when I’m in regular clothing because they are less noticeable under form fitting clothes. I have noticed the odor while wearing both kinds of coverings. My fear of others noticing the smell is because I work in very close proximity to other people. I am a dental hygienist; so my patients’ heads are typically right near my abdominal area. I change the pads frequently and the minute I get a whiff of the odor. I have an appointment with the doctor today, so I will let you guys know the outcome. 


I don't know if this is helpful but the only time I ever noticed an odor is when I'm using the bathroom. Once I pull up my pants I don't notice it. And no one has ever pulled away from me or said anything in regard to if they noticed something funky. When are you noticing this odor? Do you have anyone you could ask if they smell anything? What does your doctor say? Have a marvelous day. 

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