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I was wondering does anybody on this board know of any good toilet seat protectors? My problem is my stools are very watery so obvious when I go to bathroom, stool platters all over toilet seat. I get so tired of wiping down toilet with Clorox wipes. The tissue paper seat protectors just only fit on top of seat so those are not helpful. I was wondering are there any seat covers that fit around whole seat and just can be disposed of.
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Maybe you have a patent idea, sprice33.

Maybe something with curtain-type sides taht drape down a couple of inches to block spray.

I know I have that issue also.

That and Calmoseptine building up in the bowl. I use a lot of those disposble clorox bowl cleaners. Regular brushes just get gunked up, and its next to impossible to clean it off.

there's probably a bunch of innovations that could be made. A line of products.

LOL. Maybe we should all pitch in and form a company to manufacture specialty items that address little irritations like that.


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