Long story but this is my 2nd obstruction in 15 years. The last one was 12 months prior. 

I'm home now, two days with a low-grade fever. Is this normal and if so how long might it persist? It seems to me that a fever may indicate a partial obstruction or a hanger-on piece of fiber that is jammed in there but is not actually obstructing food/water. 

I'm still pissing out my butt pure water diarrhea with traces of mucus and green bile. 

The hospital experience was so poor that I might rather risk dying at home this time. 

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Anybody? I'm trying to get the fever under control with low-dose NSAIDs. 400mg Ibprufin seems to work sometimes but even if it is flawless I've only got up to 12 hours of coverage on the daily max recommended dose (6 pills). Acetaminophen doesn't seem to work. 

I'm assuming the fever is simply an artifact of the distension. It took the ER knuckleheads 5 hours get my CT done after I came in and pointed out that I have a history of UC/blockages and currently have a blockage. It didn't matter and I got to swell up for another 5 hours. 

I had a rough series of days. I think I may just be near a very poor hospital system. It's always all smiles until my wife has to leave to take care of our kids and then the night shift rolls around...

One of the  nurses indicated that if my IV machine kept beeping she wouldn't be able to fix it. I apologized for rolling on my IV line. Low and behold I wake up the next morning with my NG tube out and the IV disconnected with the pump 6 feet from my bed and facing away. 

It could just be in my head but I think a hidden camera is in order if I end up with another blockage. So depressing. 

I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't have any advice.

I had one blockage right after my first surgery and a NG tube was placed. Once the blockage resolved the fever went away. That's just my newbie experience and I know no two bodies are the same.

I really hope you get better soon. Stay hydrated. 

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Have you spoken with your GI? Who placed the NG tube and removed it? I'd get a hold of your GI regarding your symptoms. My experience is the ER is woefully uneducated with these things.  I would not say your symptoms are normal after a cleared obstruction. 

Thanks. I don't have a GI. I only use a family doctor these days.

I placed the NG tube in the ER as the staff was unable to succeed after trying for an hour. My nasal passage is too small/difficult so it's not their fault. I've only had three NG tubes inserted during my lifetime and all three were done by my hand. I'm not sure what the official record will say. 

I may have gagged it out during the night after my pain meds ran out while sleeping. Re: uneducated. That's been my experience generally where nursing staff are a lot like bad waiters but I have been to some higher-income area hospitals where staff was superb.

No insurance at the moment so I'm just going to wait it out unless my BP/temperature worsens. The last obstruction seemed to take me a couple of months to to fully recover from but I don't recall whether I had a fever or not. Seems to improve a little bit each day. 

Thanks Andrina, I'm hoping the fever is due to catching a viral illness from the staff. I had no less than 6 pairs of hands trying to jam that NG tube into my nose before I took over. 

My obstruction last year required a resection and staple/suture and about 4 weeks in the hospital before my gut. Is it possible for those metal sutures to cause problems later? Besides staf infection/flu, etc, I'm looking for plausible explanations. 

Unfortunately no one drew blood before releasing me. Very unprofessional situation to say the least but my record 'should' reflect the fever via temperature checks. 

On the bright side I've had a j-pouch since 2004. No issues until the last 12 months or so which I attribute to being triggered by extreme life stress. 

Update for anyone who wants to know. I had staph infection, maybe from all of the failed attempts from multiple people to get that NG tube installed. It was a disappointing experience. 

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