Anyone gone to see Remzi at NYU Langone? If so, feedback on his staff there,  hospital stays, care from auxiliary departments like pain management, infectious disease, urology, post surgical care,  etc? Also what about accomodations,,etc? I desperately  need Remzi’s help. It’s a long drive to NYU. Just trying to figure out the scope of what all of this may entail.

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My son was there last summer.  Remzi and his staff are great.  Most of the other departments were great too.  They do lots of holistic care as well.  Unfortunately because my son is on the spectrum (Aspergers) and has sensory integration, pain management is always a challenge.  And pain management these days sucks!  Big time!  While he was in the hospital, Dr Remzi and his team did a great job.  But as soon as Dr Remzi when on vacation and Jeff was still in the hospital, someone in PM thought it would be ok to change things around.  Even the nurses had a fit.  Good thing someone was always with my son and we got it straightened out quickly.  Jeff was in for three weeks because the immense pain he was in.  Most patients are not in that long.  Then getting. Someone to manage his pain out the hospital, that is an entirely different conversation!  It was a major nightmare,  

but I have no complaints about Dr Remzi, out stay at NYU and the nursing staff is great!

So my son had his redo by Remzi in Oct.  I personally think Remzi is far too busy.  Follow-up care is not good.  Communication is not good.  I know technically he is the best, but he is far too busy and follow-up care is passed off to his team.  His team in the hospital rushes through the rounds and doesn't listen to concerns.  My son was in the hospital for 10 days and we saw Remzi twice.  I never got the same warm and fuzzy feeling from him that everyone else praises about.   Just my opinion, and of course you're looking for a good surgeon and not a friend, but the follow-up care is seriously not good and I live close in NJ. Maybe things were different when he was in Cleveland.

 Infectious disease Dr Louie is great.  Remzi's PA is referring us to a pain management Dr in NJ.  Nurses are great but could also communicate better.  The hospital rooms in the Kimmel Pavillion are the best- private room/bathroom, guest couch to sleep on, nice views, giant tv.  Guests beware that parking is expensive as is food in NYC.

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I had a jpouch redo,3 step in 2017-by Dr Remzi and it was life changing. I’m so happy I went to him.  He closed a peri-anal fistula, repaired a hernia, removed scar tissue. I found him and his office to be professional and courteous. His office is always available to answer any questions you may have.

My hospital stay was awful. I believe at the time they had no beds available and I had to be put on any floor available. Neurological floor,maternity, and I was in the old building (new one wasn't opened)hospital staff was mostly concerned about getting you out as quickly as possible-even when you clearly and obviously need to stay longer. My local Dr’s were appalled they sent me home so soon. My blood pressure was so low I almost passed out. There was also a bit of mis-communication with the ostomy supply co. and Dr office prescription on several occasions, leaving me without proper supplies. My local visiting nurse agency had 1 ostomy nurse and I couldn’t seem to get on the schedule (always booked).  

In hind site I would make sure I line up in advance- a proper ostomy nurse. It was 20 years since I last did it.

i now can look back and say it was only 9 months of my life for such a great quality of life.

i don’t take any medications so it was worth some of the negative for such a good outcome.

he did my redo in Cleveland 3 years ago and I thought he was a pompous ass the first time I met him, but then realized I was 100% wrong. He was awesome. He came to see me in my room every single day, even on his days off. We discussed cars and other things outside of surgery related stuff. I even had a question for him after I was out and he gave me his personal cell phone number and answered it and answered my questions as he sat in a cab in

Funny he gave us his cell # too, except when you call it said the mailbox is full and if you text him he replied telling us to contact his team.  I think things were different in Cleveland.

I didn’t post this for people to critique Remzi. He already saved my life. He’s done many operations at CC with me.  I always received fantastic care from him. He is truly the most experienced and compassionate doctor I have ever met. 

I posted because I simply wanted to know about hospital and auxiliary things at NYU. 

Thanks all. 

As well, I didn't mean this mean this to be a critique.   Just sharing my experience with communication and follow up care with him and his team at NYU.  He is of course a great surgeon, but again too busy.  I thought that was important  to share.  

To Momma. If you find a pain management team you are lucky!  The suggestions that the PA gave use were useless. Not that they didnt try but there is no such thing as pain management anywhere unless it is headache or back pain. My husband and searched for two weeks before we could find one to even speak to us about our son’s pain problems. The tram in NY will not take you once you are doscharged. Their so called out patient pain cljnic will mot take you either. They dont manage surgical pain. It sounds really stupid but that is the reality. My son and husband still live in NJ. We did find some unconventional methods to help manage the pain and I would be happy to share the information privately. If you have more or better info than me, id love to hear it because we went through hell to find what we have!  Best of luck!

Liz , 

Are you in CLE area?  I too have long history there(CCF) and went to NYU for surgery.

Things have changed and I’m agreeing with the others, that it’s just not the same feel you got in the past . Saddened to say, way to busy there. Broke my heart really 😢 after all 19 years.






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