It's been more than a year since I had my initial colectomy surgery. I still have some numbness by the left side of the incision. It's actually the internal incision I think - it's above and to the left of my external scar.

Anyone experience the same thing? Does it ever go away or is this my new "normal"?
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It's not unusual and I still have numbness around my incision site as well.

Generally speaking nerves regrow about 1 cm per month, so if you don't regain feeling within an appropriate amount of time (e.g. 1 year for a 12 cm incision), you are less likely to in the future. It doesn't indicate that anything else is wrong, it's just the nature of surgery.
It has been at least 5 yrs and it is still numb...but then again, every single sugrical site that I have is numb...some of us just do not regenerate. I am one of the unlucky ones. You get used to it and it no longer bugs you after a while.
I hope that in your case it does come back...
This is not at all unusual. Don't forget, your skin, muscle tissue, and nerves were all cut during surgery. I still have a small patch of numbness/reduced sensation at the old stoma site. It was much more pronounced in the immediate aftermath of surgery; it gradually improved but I still have reduced sensation on and right beside the scar (i.e. the area between the stoma site and my central incision line, and on the stoma scar itself. I would estimate the affected area is less than 1 square inch). That being said, it absolutely does not bother me at all, though if I actually touch the area, it's a bit of a curious sensation as I can't feel light pressure on the skin. It's kind of a novelty thing at this point, though. I am over 6.5 years out from my takedown so I don't expect it will ever change.

Keep in mind that nerves can can a long time to recover, up to 2 years. Most likely some sensation will come back as you continue to heal, but I would not be surprised if you continue to have a small patch of numbness or reduced sensation. As Sharon said, you get accustomed to it over time, to the point that it probably won't bother you.
What is completely dead to the touch for me is the area where the stoma was. This area was allowed to heal by the granulation method, rather than stitched, as my surgeon believed that sutures needlessly exposed me to infections. What I have there now is a big oval shaped scar, which has no sensation at all. There are no nerves or anything there. Just a big mass of scar tissue. I suspect that if I was stabbed through that area, I would not feel anything.

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