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My internist is worried about the number of times I poop (average more than 12-15 per day) and wants me to see a different gastro-expert and possibly find a new medicine.   I think I'm about normal for a j-pouch person but to verify this.....

Question:  How many toilet trips/accidents do you have a day?

Question: What meds work best for you?

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A well-functioning J-pouch will average 4-6 poops per day, with zero accidents and no urgency. It does sound like you need a better-informed gastroenterologist.

Medications for J-pouchers who aren’t ill (e.g. with pouchitis or cuffitis) can include soluble fiber (like psyllium/Metamucil) and a bowel slower (like Imodium or Lomotil). People vary in how much/little of these serves them best. If you do have pouchitis, which sounds quite possible, a short course of Cipro or Flagyl often clears it right up. Have you had a pouchoscopy? A good gastroenterologist will want to take a look, perhaps yearly or perhaps less frequently, depending on your history.

Good luck!

I go to the bathroom 14-20X a day. 9 percent of Jpouchers have 14bms or up per day. We are rare but we are here. I have no interest in changing my lifestyle because I am just happy I can poop and everything is working fine.

I do not take anything for my Pouch

Jpouches need to get checked every 1-3 years. I have confirmed that with about 5 doctors.

Foods: I eat oatmeal and Greek yogurt for probiotics and prebiotics

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I'm about 10+.  Let's put it this way... I never go to the bathroom without pooping!  My GI says that I have had a "less than desirable" outcome to my surgery.  I don't have chronic pouchitis or cuffitis.  Just had my pouch-oscopy this month and everything looked great!  Don't need to have another one for 3 years!

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