Dear Winterberry.  Six years ago I went vegan.  I don’t recall any major changes with my pouch but I chew a lot more now to keep things from clogging tube - chopped kale, mushrooms, etc.  I love being vegan and eat just about everything but try to avoid portobellos and pineapples (and NO potato πŸ₯” skins, oh how I miss those).  Each year I’m stronger and healthier.  Plus I love carbs but try to keep them to just a few a day.  

Yes, I use a moderately dissociated mixing fruits with meals or carbs and protein at the same meal. 

It works for me and seems to be very effective for digesting foods better. Very few problems unless I mix things up.

Fewer problems with gas and pouchitis. 

It is easy to do and requires no special skills or training. 

And yes, no-handed intubating is quite complicated!



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