Not that it will help whinning or complaining but I have started having severe pain in both hands since about 2 months ago...I broke both radial heads 2yrs ago and the breaks never healed. The orthopedic surgeon chose to watch and wait explaining that with my condition I would probably lose feeling and function in my hands if she operated...the end result is that they are still not consolidated but the bones have shifted, moved and rub against each other when I use my arms breaking down bone and displacing the radius...moving the bones has moved the axe to the writs and now both hands are in pain...

Darn, just when you get one thing working something else pops up...


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Sorry to hear that Sharon, one of my hands is messed up from when I was on Remicade. I managed to get a sever infection from a little cut on the palm of my hand (I am missing the pad at the base of my thumb) things always feel weird and sometimes the whole hand operates oddly and aches often. Our hands are important so I can sympathize with you.

I hope something can be done. Good luck.

Thanks Pouchlogic,

There is not much that they can do now, operating is out of the question due to a healing disease and high risk of infection and it is way too late and useless to cast it. The result is that it is considered non-consolidation and the bone is just the MRI it looks like the bone is melting like a it has twisted to one side...

Just angry that when I begged them to do something they said that it was not necessary....


Oh man so sorry to hear about your hands. Is the pain constant? I’ve been putting myoflex cream on my foot and it helps the pain and I found these patches on line that actually work great. I’ll attach a picture. Several years ago my left fingers went stiff like sticks. They just would not bend. I had weeks and weeks of therapy and wore a special contraption that gradually pulled the fingers closed. Well the last couple of weeks when I wake up the fingers on both hands seem frozen in place, the left worse than the right. I spend several minutes forcing the fingers one by one into a bending position. I’m so afraid it’s going to happen again in both hands. Fortunately it only hurts when I bend them against their will. Have you gotten a second opinion to see if there may be some way to help your hands? I’m having surgery tomorrow by the fifth colorectal surgeon I went to for help with the constant pain in my bottom. The other four said there was nothing they could do. Never give up searching for help.


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Thanks, little bird,

I will make an appointment with my physiotherapist to see what he has to say about it and what he can suggest as far as treatment goes. I already take 1 Robaxin 2xs/day for back pain (and 2x2 this week) so I am topped up on pain and antiinflammatory meds...I try hard not to go past that...which means that I would hate to see what the pain feels like without it!

Winter is coming, it is raining a lot and this feels suspiciously like arthritis, reacting to the weather. 

But thanks for the hint about the patches...I will ask my doctor.


Good morning Sharon, I’m on the way to the hospital and it dawned on me I didn’t tell you about stem cell therapy. I have had stem cell from amniotic fluid injected into my hand where it had arthritis and was swollen and even had a knot. After one injection the swelling and pain was gone. The same thing happened for my knee. I also get them in my back and it makes a big difference. I would so recommend getting stem cell injections in your hands. The place on my hand were it was injected has never hurt again.

Have great day.


Thanks Robin, 

I have vaguely heard about it but never actually spoken to anyone who had had it done. 

I have been very interested in it side effects? No other growths? What were the problems with your knee and where did you get it done and by whom????????

How much does it cost?

Since I cannot have surgery on anything like hands or knees (healing disease) I have to find alternate treatments and that sounds perfect.

Thanks so much


Morning Sharon,

The stem cell I get is from amniotic fluid so it is sterile and does not have the risk that stem cell from cord blood has. The doctor is Dr. Nash with Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation. Ph.# 346-220-8063/ DrNash@DoctorNashCares.com3275 College Park Drive, The Woodlands, Tx. 77384

My insurance covers the cost of the stem cell injections so I’m not sure what they cost. I do know it doesn’t take much to get results. My thumb joint was swollen and warm with a hard knot in it. It was stiff and hard to move. After only one injection the knot went away as well as the swelling and pain.In just a couple of days I’m using my thumb again with no problem and it’s now been a year with no pain.

My knee was always popping and cracking when I was walking and always felt like it needed to pop. I had torn the meniscus and during surgery the doctor said I had plika over my knee cap that should have dissolved as a child so he took it upon himself to cut it off. I evidently was using the plika because after he took it off my knee cap started popping. He fixed the torn meniscus and should have stopped there. Why mess with what’s not broken? Anyway the stem cell has greatly improved the discomfort around my knee cap and almost eliminated the popping.

I get injections in my right foot as well because I have nerve damage in it. It helps very much and especially at the joints.

Should you need to come here for it you are welcome to stay with me. I hope you are able to get this done so you can get some relief.


Thanks Robin,

I will look into it here in France first because I am sure that none of my insurance policies will cover any of it.

If I cannot find anything here then I will do all of the exams here and fly out.

Thank you so much for the offer. 


The doctor I use is able to get the injections covered somehow on insurance. It has to be coded correctly to get it covered. You may give his office a chance to see if they can get it through your insurance. Also I think it also has a lot to do with the kind of doctor wanting to use it. He also goes through surgery centers that agree to take whatever your insurance will cover and they just write off whatever isn’t covered so your not stuck with paying it. 

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