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I just finished a 10 day run with Flagyl with what I believe is my worst case of pouchitis.   I had mild cases before but this one has taken me to a whole different level.  I am wondering about some issues I am having.  I have been off the medication for two days and tonight tried to eat some protein (steak) as I was feeling rather well.  I had a couple bites of it and part of a baked potato.  Well, I have been up all evening with runny stool, bloating, etc and am wondering if I have not quite turned the corner as I thought.  I don't quite know all the effects of pouchitis or what to do so any guidance would be appreciated.  I will be calling my dr in the AM but I am truly miserable right now. 

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Did your pouchitis not subside? You may try a combination of Flagyl and Cipro, that should be more effective.

Several days after a therapy with antibiotics the bowels microbiota builds up again, that can cause digestive problems like the ones you experience. Have you tried probiotics?

I would stick to easy to digest food until it gets better.

My pouchitis got better and I have ordered Viso but have not received it yet.  Just been eating yogurt to try and help.  I am going to call my doctor in the AM.  I have never been on Cipro and this is my full first time of using Flagyl. My takedown was in 2015.  I have used Flagyl maybe twice in the past 6 years but is was for a couple days and then I was fine.  This time is definitely different and very scary.  Do you follow a specific diet?  I was feeling so good today and that it why I was brave and tried some bites of steak. I feel so stupid.   

It's usually a good idea to follow one's gut (not one's brain) for choosing foods. So don't worry about the steak.

I do not follow a specific diet. I don't eat pork and only little red meat, so mainly chicken and sometimes fish in the non-vegetarian corner. I reduced alcohol during the last months. I never drank a lot, but now it's hardly any. And I try to have bread only for one meal per day, that's easy if I have an oatmeal with yoghurt and fruits in the morning.

But till now chronic pouchitis did not leave me, so it's good to have Cipro & Flagyl at hand if things get worse.

If you had only short episodes of pouchitis in the past years, you should try to get rid of it as soon as possible so it doesn't get chronic. Perhaps your doctor wants to do some tests (blood levels, stool).

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