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Hi everyone and anyone that can make a suggestion.
I am having terrible abdominal pain in my pouch and I am thinking it's pouchitis. At least it's similar to previous episodes of pouchitis I have had. I am taking cipro however, it's not helping at all.
I am due to see the doctor at the end of the week. We just moved so this is a new dr and I can't just all and say, hey, this is what I think, can you prescribe something? I am not sure I can hold out for the appointment the pain is so overwhelming. It's not constant either. The sensation is to me that it's like I can feel the pressure and sense that I need to go to the bathroom and when I get there to go, it's not as much relief as I had hoped. The pain comes and goes.....and it's not all the time. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am really unsure of what to do here. I am reading other posts and don't see anything similar. Maybe I am not giving enough information to help but I can tell you that I take deep breaths and then will move around and put my hand on my abdomen and it feels better. It's almost like I have a terrible gas bubble in there or a blockage but how would I know?
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Have you tried flagyl before? You may want to have your Doc write you a prescription for it. I know several people have to be on both Cipro and Flagyl to combat pouchitis.
If you can't see new Doctor soon, is there a way you can call your previous doctor or even the surgeon who did your surgery. I am hoping that they would be able to diagnose you over the phone.
So blockage is a possibility - your outward symptoms make it sound more like that, or gas. You didn't say anything about your outpout or lack of it. That is important when assessing blockages - or partial blockages. Usually you will have the following with a partial blockage:
- Abdominal pain at the site of the blockage
- Output, but less than usual
- Possibly diarrhea or loose stool
- More burping than usual

With a complete blockage - take those symptoms and amplify them (abdominal pain - but horrible pain that increases in intensity and frequency, No output at all, etc.).

Could also be pouchitis - though I typically don't have abdominal pain with it when I get it.

Thanks for your reply! I don't have a lot of output but frequency and then hardly anything comes out. I do have a lot of gas right now....I can't even imagine what could be blocked in there. I am still having some pain but it's better. I didn't mention this in the last post but I was diagnosed with having ulcers in my pouch at the last two scopes. It almost feels like the ulcers are just worse in there. I see this doctor tomorrow and we'll see. My next step is a larger hospital nearby...thinking of going to a dr that someone suggested at Duke here in North Carolina. The surgeon in Philadelphia suggested them because we moved recently to NC. Anyway, I have about had it with this pouch and I am very close to being ready to get it out of me. Nothing but trouble....and this abdominal pain this time is enough to do me in.

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