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So I’ve had my pouch for a few years now and it’s been a so so ride. Much better than when I had ulcerative colitis but definitely has its ups and downs as most of you know. About 5 days ago I started to get the urge to go bathroom a lot , was watery and very yellow also burned a lot ,I  felt warm overall and when I run to the bathroom not much came out . I assumed pouchitis and called my g.i doctor. Sadly he passed away and they gave me a new one , this doctor prescribed me flagyl and cipro , so I’ve been taking both together and have not noticed a difference at all and it’s been 5 days maybe 6 now it’s all a blur. Constantly getting the urge to go bathroom , going a bit then stopping , pressure in lower back , I’m not really sure what to do , I’ve never had this for this long . My old bouts of pouchitis which I’m starting to wonder if it even was pouchitis would be gone in 2 days of treatment with cipro , any advice ? I ate some hasbrowns last night and let me tell you I was running to the bathroom all night :/ . I’ve never really had to restrict my diet much just be wary of spicey foods and sauces .its the weekend and with Covid they are just gonna send me to the hospital which they never know how to handle me and my surgery . Any advice ? Foods to eat ? I’m also taking a probiotic with the antibiotics. Thanks fellow pouchers.

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It doesn't sound much like pouchitis to me. Are you sure your new GI (or someone covering for him) doesn't return phone calls over the weekend? While it's true that more and more doctors are abandoning their patients to ERs and urgent care during nights and weekend, there are still plenty of dedicated doctors who know what lousy care that is, and do better than that.

There are a variety of things you could have. This could be a GI infection, a new prolapse, a partial obstruction located near enough to your pouch to simulate urgency, and other possibilities.

In the meantime, if you feel like your temperature isn't quite right, measure it. If you feel like solid food is giving you trouble, stick to liquids. If you can't stay hydrated at home, get IV fluids.

I hope you feel better very soon.

It's difficult to jugde from your symptoms what's bugging you.

Yellow / light colourd stool may be a sign of bile fluid missing, and fatty stool can be very aggressive. That would explain the problems with the hash browns, they are quite fatty.

Perhaps you should have checked that there are no gallstones or an obstruction of the biliary tract, but that's just a guess.

On the other hand eating bitter stuff can stimulate the digestion juices.


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