Not passing stools, no pain, no nausea

Hi, 6 weeks post my reversal of colectomy.  Now with pouch,  had some issues of blockages due to strictures.. should be fixed

However, this morning I woke up bloated and not being able to pass stools.  I am in no pain or nauseous.  I am on liquids only for now in case of a partial blockage.  

Hoping this will pass and I will pass stools, as I do not want to eat and end up blocked and in pain.  Any ideas how i can pass stools?

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tulsamom posted:

I also do this move where I stand on my tip toes and quickly land flat on my feet, kinda hard. Do it a few times over and over. A quick way to have gravity work on the GI system.  When things aren’t working well, I try lots of things😊

Interesting approach! Haha

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