I have a love/hate relationship with my pouch. Today I hate it! I usually leak, but today it's been awful, I was making waffles for my daughter and started leaking, gas started churning, I thought my pouch was going to explode. Tried to wait until she was done eating, rushed to the bathroom - nothing came out, sat there for 10 min.
I'd promised her we would go ride the carousel at the mall today, once we were on the carousel I started leaking again - a lot Frowner I was just standing there feeling stool coming out. Tried to hurry back home, but you can only go so fast with a 2 year old who wants to stop and look at everything, ha. Had a full blown accident as soon as I stepped onto my front porch Frowner
I need a solution to this constant leaking Frowner
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Do you take Imodium, Metamucil or lomotil? Anything you can eat or take to bulk the stool should help. Could you possibly have I diagnosed pouchitis? So sorry you are experiencing this. I have at times but only while sleeping.
The crappy thing is that I'm already on cipro (every time I stop I get awful symptoms), I take Metamucil, lomotil, and Imodium! It's so weird. I have an appt on Oct 6th with a Pelvic Floor specialist at Mass General and I'm going to demand a solution to this leakage! Haha, as if it's that simple Smiler
I am on cipro constantly also. When I was in augmentin I had a lot of leakage. Sometimes the antibiotics cause more diarrhea. Ash your about this possible side effect. Also ask about probiotics if not already on them.
I also experience this, some days worse than others. It really sucks!! I haven't found a great solution. I also take Imodium every day, have been on flagyl and Cipro for pouchitis...no matter what I'm taking I don't remember a day without at least one episode of leakage. Lately, it's been mire frequently, and my bottom burns! I wish I had a solution I could share with you...but I totally get your frustration. I also have a young daughter, and it's really tough to have to rush her around to quick get to the bathroom.
I do notice, in general, I feel better when taking VSL 3, but it doesn't stop the leakage
It's really sad when my daughter says 'mommy has to go to the bathroom again', 'mommy needs new undies' etc. it's been worse the past three days or so, more coming out. I just want to scream.
One thing that did help me with leakage, though I have now had my pouch removed, was tincture of opium. That with a cotton ball placed not deep inside but at the exit point and I could at least function most of the time. Ultimately I just couldnt live my life the way I wanted and had an end ileo. My leakage was made even more unpleasant because I had butt burn so even a small amount was pretty miserable and couldnt be ignored.
does anyone know why there is leakage?i have had some relatively few minor events while sleeping..but its hardly the worst of my problems..however,i could see that moving up to my worst issues if i had leaking during my wake hours..
My surgeon just kept telling me that it'll get better. He finally referred me to a pelvic floor specialist so I really hope they can help. I see them in a few days.
Often leaks and emptying problems are 2 sides of the same coin (you can't empty, so the pouch stays full, so the pressure and gravity cause leaks).
So, a possible solution is to empty your pouch with a catheter/irrigation tube.
See my post in Fosty's thread "Irrigation tube ... Anyone ?" for more details about how to do it.
Good luck !

I've been using irrigation with a catheter since my surgery in 1988 and it's served me well. I use a medena cathether with a 60cc catheter tipped syringe and it takes 3-5 times to empty completely. If I don't do this the gas build up and leakage is a big problem. The only issue is going out to dinner or on a plane you need water and to carry your "kit" with. you but I've managed all these years. I also take. probiotics and a drink Yakult once a day which seems to help as well but other than really fiberous foods which create issues with the catheter emptying properly I eat almost anything.


You use the K pouch system for irrigation...tap water is just fine and when out an about or travelling I take a child-sized water bottle with a sippy-tip on it to fill or rince things out or fill my syringe...makes public toilets and planes easier to handle.

If you find an irrigation bulb (sort of rubber of silicon) they you may be able to squeeze the water into the tube directly (I do it in emergency situations with the water bottle but then I throw the bottle away afterwards). 


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