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I started drinking water more regularly since the J-pouch creation and loop because I was very tired and dehydrated  

I have a food journal where I also write down my bm's. Not sure how all this helps me gain weight though.

The other day I ate a normal portion and I had a slight blockage. I'm afraid to eat normal portions I want to only eat small portions now because I don't want to be in pain  

Water weight can make up a large portion of the weight you can be missing since it's harder for us to absorb it. As for your bm's, making sure your output isn't to high let's you actually absorb the nutrition before it leaves your system. You didn't ask how to gain weight, you asked if it was normal to lose it. Some jpouchers actually still gain weight easily.

You shouldn't have a slight blockage due to eating a normal portion, blockages are from adhesions or food getting stuck. Make sure to thoroughly chew your food and drink while eating to help reduce blockage due to food. Eating more food may "back" you up which can certainly be uncomfortable.

Try eating more often if you don't want to eat more in one sitting. Sometimes I can manage a relatively large meal but I try to eat and drink all day. Upping the calories you drink can help as well but may lead to more bm's, liquid is also less likely to be an issue leading to blockage.

It may take more time for you, your pouch is still new and you are still adjusting. Good luck!

Weight gain or loss has to do with metabolism and nothing to do with the J Pouch. I have struggled to keep weight off since day 1 with the Pouch. My surgeon refused to operate on me until I got down to 160 pounds and I have not been anywhere near 160 ever since. I hover around 190 these days which is probably 25 pounds too heavy.

I wouldn’t worry about it at all especially if you are eating cautiously and not a full diet yet.

Once you are “out of the woods” on the blockage threat  and eating a full diet, there are various strategies that can be executed to stimulate weight gain if you are still struggling to put on weight. For now, I would be more focused on eating easily digestible foods, in small quantities, and consuming maybe 5-6 small meals per day.

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Agreed with the prior replies. Your surgery was so very recent. I’m guessing you were pretty ill and perhaps under weight going into the surgeries?

By the time I had part one of the surgery I was 89lb, down from 110-115lb. The surgeon wouldn’t reconnect until my weight was at least 110. It was a tough road getting there and I ate high calories for three months because I was determined to get rid of the temporary ostomy ASAP. It definitely can take time to regain weight after all that. 

That was 30 years ago. Weight gain is not a problem now! Lol


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