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Thanks Gin,

All is good or at least better here...

I took a 'day off' from going to the hospital on Sat...I needed to sleep, something that I seem to have forgotten how to do lately. 

My knees are healing big deal and I am still fixing up the place for hubby's homecoming.

They have announced that he will stay from 4-6 weeks longer there or until he can put his foot down, use his arm and manage crutches...that will be a minimum of 4 more weeks plus 2 of physio for the arm that looks like a 10yr old's...he has lost nearly 20lbs in as many days...just stopped eating. 

I brought in outside food on Sun and he ate with a huge appetite...finally...and it put him in a great mood so things are better. He has accepted that he will be stuck for the rest of the summer and is dealing with it better.

I have accepted that hubby is getting old and fragile and this is going to be my life from now on...daddy hemiplegic and an amputee...hubby breaking bones like pencils...

And me trying hard to stay healthy and work...that's life.

Go with the the wave...follow the path...Whatever...I will do what needs doing and I will be fine...just need to get a handle on it all and move foreward...

Hugs to all


I know, that's what we do, isn't it? Surf along, trying to do our best. Actually, when I'm busy things don't seem so bad because I can't stop to think; bedtime, however, is rough. You'd think the exhaustion would just knock me out, but too often it either keeps me awake or brings nightmares.


Will having him stay longer be helpful? For him and you, I mean? Or is it more stressful?


So sorry.



Trust me... get him a rollator instead of crutches.  Stability will be easier while the wrist and ankle heal.


I am 6 months out and my ankle and knee still won't bend.  Also, while my wrist was not an open fracture, I still have trouble getting it to lay completely flat and my pinky is still wanting to extend away from the rest of my fingers.

Sharon, It appears as things may be getting better for hubby and he is accepting what's ahead of him.  Long recoveries like his, stuck in a skilled/recovery/rest facility, can be very depressing.  My dad always says that if he "had to" he could drive away from whatever type of place he's at. When weeks turn into months even he gets depressed. He was in intensive care with 16 different tubes/leads putting things into and drawing them out of his body and he said if he "had to".... 


I'm glad you were able to rest a solid 24 hours.  Please keep yourself in check during all of this as you are his lifeline.


I'm sorry your recovery is so long Lesandiego 


Good news...

In 3-4 weeks he is going to get a walking cast with velcro so that he can take it off to sleep and shower (and maybe go into a pool for PT)...he is optimistic now and so am I.

I am getting used to being alone at night and it is not so bad.

I fixed up my balcony to a personal, safe space where I can hide out and feel relaxed and protected.

I have a comfortable chair and table and I go there to sit among the flowers and strawberries and unstress a bit. We all need a safe place to unwind and breath...that is what is saving me now.



Does it ever end?????

Just got the call that he fell in the hospital bathroom (yes, he is still in the hospital/rehab center) and landed smack-dab on his broken elbow (in a sling not a cast)...and knocked/twisted his ankle and got it stuck behind the toilet (how???)...

His BP has been way up these last weeks (190/90) and between the fear that he is going to blow out something and the long waiting process for the x-rays to see if the cast can come off and PT can start on the injured side I nearly forgot about those nasty falls and day-to-day accidents.

They are transferring him to an ER for an x-ray to see what he has done to himself. If he has not rebroken his elbow then they will start PT on it immediately and who knows if they won't take off that damn cast as well. His appt with the surgeon was put off til the end of next week so he is antsy and stressed out....



Well they x-rayed it all and have not yet given us the results (something to do with radiologists away at lunch and doctors leaving early) but he is not screaming in pain, ate lunch and seems fine (will see what the x-ray says tomorrow)...

He is very independant or at least this last week...maybe a bit too sure of himself. He lost his balance, tried to reach for the bar but his arm was in a sling so he couldn't grab it so he toppled over.

Grateful that he did not slam his head into the tiles or something.

Will know more tomorrow. For now I am keeping my fingers crossed...


Sharon, you are right!  Thankfully he didn't slam his head.  Boy doctors must work differently in France!  I never heard of lunch, or leaving early!  Usually there is someone that can give you some thing simple like radiology results.  Hopefully he did not reinjure himself!


did you get my e-mail from my morning?


Well hubby yelled and screamed and finally got a nurse to pull his x-rays and read them (I hope correctly)...she said that there were no new breaks...Waiting for the Doc this morning to confirm...he cannot take much more of this stress...BP was up to 190/90 yesterday and he is on Beta Blockers...not a good thing right now...I do not need him to stroke out on me...I have enough with my dad...Cannot do hubby too!

Waiting for some good news...and yes, In out 'bad luck' we were lucky that there was no head injury...


I see why you are concerned with his blood pressure.  I can see why it's gone up.  It's too easy for others to tell people to calm down or they need to reduce their stress. It's difficult to just tell yourself how to act and not to stress.  He is in a stressful state and the sooner he can get home the better!

Take care of you now too

Thanks Gin,

Finally some good news...they took the sling off and are starting the PT on his arm which means that he will be coming home in a week or  (the appt with the invisible surgeon is next Thurs and I intend to be there...). The arm looks good...he has no amplitude of movement, can barely open and close the elbow (about 1/2 the usual movement) but they say that it will go fast because it was not casted (they no longer cast elbows here for that very reason).

I take my miracles where I can get them!


ps...the 2nd wedding anniversary with hubby in hospital and in a this becoming a 'thing'?

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