not a fan of Shens new nurse

Please find a way to let the doctor know about this lack of professional concern and care toward his patients. I will bet the doctor does not know anything about the way she is treating his patients and business. My family doctor had a miserable, angry, unhappy receptionist. Patients even named her online in reviews. One day she was let go and the patients rejoiced because she was a terror. When I asked my doctor about it, he said patients have to let him know because he leaves all office admin to the front office staff and he would not know something was wrong unless patients spoke up directly to him. Your nurse's careless, arrogant personality could cost someone their long term health. I spoke up politely with another doctor of mine and he must have had a discussion with his receptionist because next time I was there, she was my new best friend.

maybe I'm just a problem patient, lol, I don't know. I am kind of a pain in the ass but I have been though 2 jpouches and a lot of procedures with Dr Shen. I have been deemed by him one of his most difficult patients, and by that I mean healthwise.. Maybe she just isn't familiar with my issues over the past several years. Geeta his old nurse was so on top of my history and was a pleasure to work with.

I was just there yesterday and I was telling her that I did not want to take a certain med and she said to email him about it because he loves emails. That guy does t even write stuff down or read my chart so I'm pretty sure he does not love emails

I understand your frustration! I once stopped seeing a surgeon at Northwestern because of the nurse (makes a difference). When I was a patient of Dr Shen, I can attest that he responded to my emails. That was my way to ask him questions I forgot in my appt. And you're right, he comes into appt. with no chart. I found him to be so amazing and smart, he didn't need my chart. But I would try email, because he did respond. 

I suspect Dr. Shen is swamped. With appointments, phone calls and emails. The bigger of a "star" a doctor becomes, the more demands there are of his time. This is why he has assistants and other staff. If you don't get a reply in a few days, don't get mad, but send a new one. It is easy for messages to fall to the bottom of a long list. Only so many hours in a day.

My GI isn't even anyone renown, but he's a very busy guy. His office has a nurse practitioner just for follow up calls and another for medication management issues. It's a real team approach. One thing for sure, my docs never give long winded replies to my emails. Just a line or two.


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