Has anyone had a flare that is NOT pouchitis since having their J pouch? I think it may be exercise induced but it has also happened before I started working out. (Side note: I’ve only been working out for less than two weeks but it’s been very strenuous.) I was nauseas and had diarrhea for a couple days, then started getting weak so I went home from the gym and rested and tried to get hydrated. Symptoms progressed to a severe migraine, vomiting, fatigue, low grade fever. Now that that has passed, I have the overall pain. Joints, nerve pain (random stabbing pain). I’ve also had the night sweats and the strange smelling sweat (am I the only one who does that when I flare? 😬). 

I’m just so frustrated because I’m supposed to be healed. Ugh! 😩 I need to know how to get out of this flare quick! Food advice appreciated!!

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I've been working ever since takedown 6x a week without issues. I stay cautious of the hydration part as sometimes its easy to get dehydrated without even knowing, so I carry a big bottle of plain water or add some creatine and BCAA to fuel the workout. I think its something you ate thats caused some reaction . Maybe food poisoning ? I'd get checked for that. 

Also anytime I feel diarroeha like or not well overall I switch to a plain diet full of bananas, brown bread with butter, nut butters (smooth), chicken and eggs, rice and milk.

If you're having mild issues now you can try altering to a bland diet for 1-2 days. Most of the time it works.

Thank you guys! I’ve laid in bed for a few days and drank smoothies and tried to eat healthy foods in case it’s a flare. Maybe it was just a virus. I don’t know. I feel like sometimes it’s so hard to tell. I’m going to take your advice and hope it helps. Thanks again!

I have recently found that Matzah helps clear up extremely loose stools. The mix of smashed up banana and peanut butter spread on it brings me back to normal within a day.  I figured it out when I read that people often get constipated from eating so much Matzah during Passover. But you can get it year round in most grocery stores.

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