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I apparently have a fairly notable Magnesium deficiency, among other things, that I'd like to address. I can't take normal Magnesium supplements though without its laxative effects really messing me up. The high doses of Loperamide I already have to take to slow things down doesn't seem to be enough to counteract this. I've read there are supposed to be a couple forms of Magnesium that are non-diuretic, however. (Possibly Magnesium Chloride?) But there appears to be very little information on this. Can anyone help me find what the best form to take is, with my J-Pouch? And does anyone have any direct experience with this issue? Any insight would be much appreciated. 

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Just to clarify, “diuretic” means causing/increasing urination. I think the magesium side effect you are concerned about is its laxative (and sometimes cathartic) effect. I’m not aware of a great way to avoid this, but others might be. FWIW, magnesium measurements probably aren’t as useful as one might hope.

I used to have low magnesium and potassium.  I can't eat ANY vegetables at all thanks to chronic pouchitis and a very easily obstructable danger-zone of scar tissue near my old stoma site (in a good year I have maybe 3 obstructions that I ride out at home; in a bad year I may have as many as 16, and be hospitalized 4 times).  

Because of this a lot of good, natural sources of potassium and magnesium are off the menu for me, so I have become basically addicted to coconut water as a solution.  I have at least one every day.  Great source of both, and very hydrating to boot.  

Might be worth a shot.  

I just wish the cost of it was applicable to my deductible! 

Good luck finding a solution that works for you! 

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