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Sharon: The company is called Stomalife and it applies to continent ostomy patients. Hmmm. It is not industrial or copper Sharon. Here is my proof that you don't think or look into anything properly before commenting. It is really tiresome.

itsnotsherry: It looks like a new and improved valve for BCIR patients. Are you a kpoucher or jpoucher? Vanessa saavy may have an opionion on this as she seems to be pretty concerned with all things BCIR.
I seem to remember a discussion about this maybe a year ago, and I remember looking at he Neovalve website (they call it StomaLife). It seemed intriguing, but more for colostomies than ileostomies, although, it might make sense for leaky continent ileostomies (you can't plug an end ileostomy for a prolonged period due to a lack of reservoir).

It doesn't look like the inventor has been able to find any corporate backing for research and development yet, so that is an obstacle.

One potential problem I see for its use with continent ileostmies, is the magnet implant behind the abdominal wall that surrounds the exiting intestine. There would likely be a lot of adhesions there from prior surgery, and I suspect it might be difficult, if not impossible to insert the implant without damaging the pouch.

The other issue I see is the potential complication of necrosis of the abdominal wall from the constant pressure from the magnets. They say this is eliminated or reduced by using air cushioning. But, this seems to be theory, not proven, since there was no mention of any human or animal testing, yet.

Still, seems like a reasonable idea, and completely novel approach. The inventer is a stoma nurse, so it is not just some pipe dream. I hope he can find someone willing to fund some prototypes and testing.

Jan Smiler

P.S. There is a company called that makes industrial valves. It seems to be a reasonable mistake.
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Thank you Kathy! That is the site that my French search engine automatically sent me to..Wink
I figured that gas, liquids and waste control was the whole point of it but being copper made little sense to me...As for the other is not a new concept...33yrs ago my surgeon proposed the original version of it...they placed a magnetic ring covered with martex under the skin with a plug that looked suspiciously like a bathtub plug...the magnetic attraction was strong and I believe caused many of the problems that Jan the added problem of passing through magnetic zones that 'unplugged the plug'...Dr C renounced the whole idea at the time but it seems that they have gotten a lot of the bugs out of it...could work, especially for failed k pouchers who have valve problems and as an alternative to ileos if it proves effective in the long-term.
It is definitely worth looking into...thanks for the link Itsnotsherry...sorry for the confusion.
Thanks for the responses. I am a failed jpoucher who now has a permanent ileostomy, and is not enjoying it! I was thrilled to see an alternative, but now, as Jan stated, see the problems it can cause. I just keep saying, with today's technology, someone has to think of something better, and am happy they are trying. At least future generations may benefit from this or something similar.
Have you ever looked into a K pouch/BCIR? Or is it not an option for you...I know that it is not perfect and can require more than 1 surgery but if you really hate the ostomy(and I understand that perfectly) that it can be a viable option....
Did they leave your pouch in? If so it can be reused...if not they can create a new should have sufficient length of small intestine for more than 1 pouch...
I have always been saddened by the lack of research in our particular domain of medicine and in particular many medical professionals opinions that if all else fails 'just stick a bag on him'...
You need a new doc!
After talking with and working with Dr C, my kpouch surgeon of over 33yrs I have learned a lot...he does a lot of conversions from J pouch to k pouch...just because your j pouch failed (and I do not know from what so you would need to tell me...)does not mean that the k pouch will...although a pouch is a pouch is a matter what the letter, k pouches suffer from fewer problems of pouchitis and there is no butt burn or many of the other typical j pouch problems...if you want Dr C to peek at your file to see if you are a candidate I would be happy to pass it on.
You never know until you try.
The doctor asked why he would create a new pouch, when I already had a failed pouch, when asked aboutthe kpouch option. He removed my jpouch, as it was making me very ill. Yes, they need more research and better options!!

They do the BCIR in St Petersburg Florida. The bag was not an option for me and the jpouch was out of the question so I flew down to my old home state and got it done. Since you are in Florida maybe look into a consult.
They do 150 BCIRs a year roughly in St Petersburg. It is the best hospital and care I ever got. Private suites where a guest can stay with you and they get fed 3 times a day. Laundry on site and very knowledble nurses. Plenty of people go to reverse ostomies to continent ileos.

Reason I still post on here. So people know their options! I did't get them all handed to me and when I asked doctors who did not do the BCIR or Kpouch they just talked smack about it but yet not one could ever give me a real reason. All these surgeries have risks. I don't get what the big deal is when it is your quality of life that comes first.
Thank you for pointing out that Sharon is not perfect, but I noticed you did not supply proof that you are not. Is there a reason for this omission?

Your comment to Sharon is just the type of snarky comment that gets rightly criticized.

There is your proof.

Remember that we can disagree with each other on this board, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do so.

By the way, my wife tells me daily I am not perfect. That is proof enough for me.
Ok, I took a look...what does it have to do with us??? It is an industrial product...I can't see them putting a copper valve in me!

I would like to say that I think Sharon's response to Sherry was pretty,"snarky" too. Maybe that's why I said something in the first place.

I was going to let the whole thing go until JeffDC had to pick it up. It was a week since the whole debacle. I think what he said to me was a bit, "snarky" as well.

For the record I hardly think I am perfect after living since childhood with this hideous disease and pouchitis, scarred up body etc. etc. Come on!!

My point was please think a little before you write. That's all.
JeffDC, I applaud you for your post. I felt it was an unnecessary personal criticism on Sharon. For the record, I didn't interpret Sharon's post as snarky at all.

Here is my proof that you don't think or look into anything properly before commenting. It is really tiresome.

I feel that what was said to Sharon is outside of our normal community standards. We all have the option to put other members on ignore if we find them tiresome.
For the record, I didn't interpret Sharon's post as snarky at all.
I whole-heartedly agree with Breezie. I didn't think the response was snarky. I think it was an honest mistake regarding which site popped up. Unfortunately, because we can't see the person or hear the person posting, it's easy to assume the worst in some cases. Perhaps what we should do when we see a post that seems to be negative or snarky is to reread it in a totally positive light and see if the meaning changes.

kathy Big Grin

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