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Hello all!

I’ve posted about something like this a few months back, sorry, I know it’s annoying! But I’ve been having this reoccurring “issue” which I put I quotation marks because I’m not exactly sure if it’s a problem or not. I have very slow bowels and very minimal amounts of BM in a day. For example, it’s currently 6pm and I’ve had no urge to have a BM all day. I’m not in pain, just bloated because my menstrual cycle is making an appearance most likely tomorrow. I have a theory that my slow bowels are due to a lack of water. I’m really bad with water intake, but there was a time when I was drinking water all day every day and my movements were great and I got all out at once.

For my ladies on here, do you guys have weird pouch function during that time of the months? Also, could water intake be my issue?

Hope everyone’s doing great!

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@Jan Dollar

Yeah, I considered intermittent partial obstructions, but I have no pain whatsoever. I’m never bloated when I wake up, only after I eat a bit (depends on what I eat) and the bloating sometimes increases near my period. It’s just so confusing because some people tell you that jpouchers should never go less than 3 times a day but like I’ve said, some days I only go once! Any thoughts on that? Thank you so much for your reply !

The key is the “no pain.” Yes, you can have a partial obstruction without pain, because it is partial. I have had my j-pouch since 1995, and I have days like you describe. Believe me, if you had a serious obstruction, you would have pain.

I think it is something to take a mental note of, but don’t worry about it. Generally, if you feel fine, you are!


I'm a guy, but if I ever feel like I'm too bulked up and bloated I'll have a hot cup of coffee or maybe some hot tea. Luckily I'm able to tolerate coffee and have multiple cups throughout the day since it doesn't send me running to the bathroom. Might be a placebo effect for me, but I know for others it can get things moving. If it's a concern it's worth a shot!

HI Valen, I was just today thinking about how when I get dehydrated my output gets too thick and it's hard to empty.   Then as soon as I get enough fluids on board I can't get far from the bathroom.  I find emptying easier when it's watery.  I also need to take in more water than 'before-pouch',  since a fair bit comes out that way instead of the bladder. 

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