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I am struggling with whether to go to Urgent Care or not. Wednesday after work my stomach started hurting - similar to blockage pain, but milder. By the time I got home, it really hurt, but it was definitely not as bad as past blockages. I tried some movements to break anything up and they didn’t help. I finally threw up, and that helped. It was my entire lunch that looked like it had when I ate it - so no digestion had gone on. I also felt dizzy and off balance. I threw up bile the rest of the night and passed total liquids. It is now Saturday and I still am extremely dizzy. The small intestine hurts, but I have passed stool - not much, but I haven’t been eating much either - just white toast and a small amount of quick oats.

I did do an at-home Covid test which came back today as negative. I am still waiting on a PCR test I was lucky enough to find Friday.

so, do I take this further and go in? I know if I call our on-call nurse, they will tell me to, but everyone is so overwhelmed with Covid now, I don’t want to make that worse and waste their time if I don’t have to. Plus, the on-call nurse has a liability issue and would not want to, understandably, violate that.

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Hi KTA,  I am about 7 months out from my takedown and have had some experience with blockages. I went to to the er in October and November. I just had try heaving on those days, not throwing up food like you. I have had other blockages but was able to wait them out since November. Sorry to be so wordy, but I think you should go to the Er before thing get worse. I hope you get better soon.

It's up to you but I agree with Scott. The hospitals won't do much other than put a stomach tube in if you get that bad and pain meds. Try and manage small amounts of fluid, do some walking and try to get things moving. I have had a number of blockages and some managed to clear on our long drive on some bumpy back roads on the way to the hospital.

If you aren't managing any fluids you do need to go in. Good luck

Hi, I had experienced a blockage back in July, not my first.  Usually I am so nauseated and get a fever, chills and some pain & bloating.  I did make myself throw up and did all night.  This did help.  I know it was not viral, I know the difference.  I could not eat solid for awhile & lost over 7 lbs. in the process.  I am concerned about my weight I can't get it back and just after Christmas I got Corvid and lost more wt.  It seems like I can't eat enough to retain calories.  I know a lot people say I wish I had that problem.  It is a problem for me, any more set backs and I fear I could be in serious trouble.

My Dr said I should have went to ER, I think u should have done that also.  I hate going into ER or hospital and try everything myself to stay out.  Good thing it seems like you got yourself out of it.  I would still follow up with the dr.  For me I'm scheduled for 2 scopes and couldn't get in until this coming  February.


Through several blockages in the past 2 years, a pattern has emerged for me and has kind of become a strategy of sorts. I go to the ED for the following: extreme pain that only gets worse over hours (without any relief) and repeated vomiting. Once the vomiting starts the pain is usually off the charts. If I just have that colicky pain but it’s manageable and no vomiting I usually wait it out. Certainly if I’m able to drink anything without vomiting I feel comfortable watching from home. Having said that everyone is different. Three SBOs landed me in the hospital this past year and a half but there were many more little (painful!) blips that eventually cleared and I’m glad I waited.  YMMV though and it’s always better safe than sorry. I just can’t deliver myself to an NGT unless I’m a complete mess. My aversion is strong ;-)

I am hoping kta went to er which is why they have not responded.

I actually had to go to the er Sunday night due to an obstruction. I ended up being on iv for fluids, pain and nausea relief. I only threw up my dinner at the er, luckily they agreed to wait to tube me and by the morning I was no longer obstructed. Sometimes going in is better than waiting. Maybe I could have managed at home but I'm happy to have been there for less than 12 hours. Just taking it easy at home now.

Kta I hope you are ok.

Glad you're feeling better, PouchLogic. It's a very individualized decision and I was just sharing my threshold for going. Anyone who has had obstructions knows that part of the hell is trying to figure out what to do..."do I go in or not? Do I drag my spouse out of bed at 2am and into a cold car or do I squirm for another few hours?" There is a lot of handwringing involved. I guess I see how little they can actually do for SBOs so unless I can't handle the pain anymore and I can't stay hydrated due to vomiting, I'd rather wait it out at home. Another definite go would be fever, hypotension, etc. as that may indicate a perforation. Short of these, I wait and avoid the ED which is currently bursting at the seams with COVID patients and incredibly taxed health care providers in my neck of the woods.

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