I had  my takedown just 5 days ago (I know, it is still very early to be writing about this) but the past 24 hours I have had zero control over my bowel movements that are coming every 30 minutes. With my ostomy I still extracted multiple times a day from my rectum and had all the control over that.  Diet is pretty simple, just like how I did it for step 1 surgery.   So far I have a 50% chance of making it to the bathroom. Does this sound par for the course, or should I be concerned? 

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Did you do your kegal exercises to keep those muscles strong?

I had no problems holding after my step two but we aren't all the same. Do you know it's coming at all before hand? Maybe you are just missing that signal. How many times a day are you having bms? Do you ever have control over them? Any other changes? Meds etc

I remember those days where I asked myself, "What have I done?".  Time will help you to control things better, but for now you can try to thicken things up with psyllium, oatmeal, banana, potatoes, etc.  The thought is to try and slow down the output so your body can begin to adjust to the pouch. (Unfortunately, it will take some time to regulate.) 


Thank you for the advice. With my ostomy I was still expelling waste through my rectum multiple times during the day with complete control (after practice) so I felt like that should have helped prepare for this step. The past 24 hours I would say  I’ve had 14 bms and I’ve maybe controlled half.  I think at first I was missing the signal thinking it was gas, but now I’m just sprinting to the bathroom after any feeling. Sometimes I make it, and sometimes just standing up makes it come out.   No medications, but I’ll put more of a reign on my diet. I think part of me realizes this is normal I just wasn’t mentally prepared for it. . To be back in diapers ... or close to it. 😩

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