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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to the whole Jpouch thing. I had takedown about 7 weeks ago after having an ostomy for a year and a half. The first few weeks were fine but now I'm having accidents every time I fall asleep. My surgeon told me to get on Metamucil and probiotics and to not worry about it unless it keeps happening after 3 months. I've been trying that for the last 3 weeks and I'm still in briefs, soiling them up to four times a night. It's not just a little bit most of the time either.

I'm just getting frustrated, I don't get the sleep I need, and I'm 22 and in diapers again. Has anyone had this before? Any tips?

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At 7 weeks post-op you might just need time, unfortunately. Nighttime accidents are just miserable. There are some other things that sometimes help slow things down at night. The search function on this site can help you find some ideas that have been discussed over the years, in addition to:

  1. A small, fatty meal at bedtime (e.g. a spoonful of peanut butter)
  2. A higher dose of loperamide or Lomotil at bedtime (Lomotil works better for me)
  3. Plenty of kegels, many times per day, to increase sphincter tone. Hopefully you started these before takedown, but better late than never.
  4. Patience

It’s unusual, but possible, to develop pouchitis early. It sounds like your surgeon believes it isn’t worth looking before 12 weeks. If you’re desperate you could beg for a trial of Cipro just in case, but he will probably want you to give it some more time to settle down on its own. You could try Visbiome or VSL #3 as another possibility, but they are expensive and do a better job preventing pouchitis than treating it.

What a coincidence!! I got my J-pouch at 22 too! I remember that age and time period lol, I am 28 now. During that stage at takedown, I always pooped on myself whenever I fell asleep, that was the case a lot during the first year. It still happened over the years and fast forward 6 years later, it rarely happens. As time goes on with your pouch, things will get better, I promise .

You will be me in 6 years at 28

Before J-pouch takedown, I got a lot sleep 8-10hours. After takedown, that is not my reality anymore, you will get use to it though

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