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Does anyone else get night sweats? I wake up and it's as if I stepped out of the shower sometimes. I just had a mucosectomy a week or so ago and it's been aweful. I sleep on a towel and wipe myself off when I get up in the middle of the night. I don't have a fever at the time of going to bed. It's insane how much is there when I wipe my back with my hand. Water is like dripping off. I'm fine during the day. This is only at night. A/c is at 73 and it doesn't matter if I have two blankets on me or a light microfiber blanket i sweat the same
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Nightsweats can be a sign of inflammation or infection. I had bad nightsweats for several months after my surgeries. I never had them associated with a fever, and infection was ruled out. I've also had them associated with pouchitis. This could just be your body's reaction to the recent surgery and/or side effect from the meds, and it might improve over the next few weeks, but I agree with dtmack that an infection should be ruled out, especially since you did have surgery quite recently and as we all know, infection can be a complication.
Other than the fact that I am a woman and night sweats are a large part of both PMS and Menopause, I was rarely a victim of them except for post op.
Anesthetic did it to me every single time. It felt like I was sweating buckets (especially when I was sleeping in those plastic covered hospital beds) but usually tapered off about 2-4 weeks post op.
My only way of dealing with it was to replenish my fluids lost at night and as you said, sleep on a towel or blue pad.

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