Hi, first I’d like to introduce myself. I am an american living in Australia, migrated here with my Aussie wife 4 years ago.  I am post surgery (J pouch) for 33 years now. It was an experimental procedure and underwent with a forum of students in a huge auditorium style surgical unit at Loma Linda University in Southern California. At the time I was suffering from UC since the age of 19 for a number of years. 

One complication after surgery was I was unable to control my bowels to have a bowel movement or empty my pouch so I resorted to this day using an enema (medena catheter and syringe) to empty my pouch.  Not convenient but it was needed and has worked for me.  However in the past 4 years since I have moved to Australia I been getting reoccurring pouchitis. The doctors I have gone to here are not as experienced with pouches. My current gastroenterologist told me “they do not do many of them (surgically) in Australia”.   

They have been fighting it with a combination of flagyl and cipro which seems to be effective.  However I have been losing weight and now it’s becoming a real issue where I can’t afford to lose anymore.  I’’m just wondering if anyone else out there has had this problem and can give some advice?  I am looking to find another Doctor here in Melbourne if anyone on here knows of a good one who might have some experience with this type of problem or with j-pouches in general?

Also of note I have been taking probiotics for years which I still manage to find here (ones that Costco in America sell) and they seem to help but I’ve been upping my Lofenoxal meds and taking up to 9 pills of 2.5mg a day to control my bowel.


Thanks in advance for any help and advice and glad I’m able to have this outlet and would be happy to lend support to anyone out there if I can be of any help!


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Just checking back in can see no one replied, can I please get feedback if I’m not posting in the right forum?  Cheers, Indy

Welcome, Indiana. You're in the right place. Sometimes it takes a while to get a specific answer to a question. Most members who are doing well check in, but not every day, and sometimes only every few weeks. Don't give up. Check back. Do you take probiotics while on cipro and flagyl?

Hi there, thanks for this reply. I understand, that makes perfect sense.

I have been on probiotics for many years. I found the best to be Nature’s Bounty Ultra Probiotics you can get at Costco to be very good. I did not try Visbiome although it’s been the one I see most talked about here?   It’s very exsy here and under a different name according to this rep below but still just as expensive!


The De Simone Formulation found in Visbiome is available as Vivomixx in countries other than the United States and Canada. If you would like to find out if the De Simone formulation is available in your country, please fill out this contact form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly: https://www.vivomixx.eu/en/contact/


Cheers for reply mate




Hi Indy, I look on this forum very rarely and just saw your post. I am based in Australia and have a K-pouch. Have you been to MGIE in Melbourne? The Doctors there should be able to help you. 

A good Aussie brand of probiotics is LifeSpace. Not cheap but often on special in Chemist Warehouse. 

Hope that helps. Cheers


Hey thanks for sharing this. No, I haven't heard of them and will definitely check it out to see if they can help. Do you have a specific DR there with any experience with pouchs you like?

Also those probiotics look good are you taking the double strength ones and if so how many daily...exsy yes.

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