Hello, I am about 12 days out of takedown. After the initial blood cleared I've had pretty solid stools especially if I eat cheerios and bananas! The last 2 days I haven't eaten the healthiest ( donut, bagel and creme cheese, salami and cheese sandwhich, pizza) and yesterday I noticed a tiny but of blood and mucus in my stool. I'm still having some nausea.

Going into surgery I had pouchitis, caused from the barium enemy. I had intense cramping, a lot of mucus, and an inability to hold the discharge ( alot coming from a pouch not in use!) I also am having a cuffitis flare and am using hydrocortisone suppositories.

I don't really have cramping, just nausea and going about 12 times a day, then at 2,4, and 6 am like clockwork.

Should I be worried about seeing some blood and mucus? What are very beginning pouchitis symptoms? Thx
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Being that you are only 12 days out from takedown the blood could be normal. I remember having some for a couple of weeks after takedown. But since you have already had pouchitis before the surgery, you may want to give your surgeon a call and tell them your symptoms. The blood could also be a result of the cuffitis too. Hope you feel better soon.

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