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I think I might have something developing, and would like some opinions on what it is.

On Thursday, May 31, I noticed some pain while taking a poop. The pain is at the lower front right side of my abdomen(two inches to the right of my belly button and three inches down) and is mostly a light pain, with a brief spike to moderate, and only lasts as long as I poop.

There is no blockage, so I do not think it is an obstruction. I have never had pouchitis or cuffitis-latest doc visit was mid-April.

Any thoughts, suggestions/recommendations?
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I agree with mgmt10. I get them in that area, around my belly button and have another spot on the left hand side. I think they are strained scar tissue or tight feeling. Does that make sense. I was really concerned but the doctors aren't. I think it is one of their stupid "normal" things that seem like anything but normal!
Hi Jeff

I have lower abdomen pain on and off for +10 years. I have had MRI scans and various other tests performed in an effort to get to the bottom of it. It has always been put down to adhesions, except on one of the many occasions I had an obstruction where I had to be operated on, when they discovered a hernia as well as adhesions.
The discomfort/pain is just a part of life now and I only get concerned about new pain. May be worth mentioning to your doctor if it continues though,just incase it is in a hernia.

Wishing Well

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