As a newbie having surgery for an IRA on May 15th I am struggling to find a new routine and a new normal. It has only been 2 weeks after all.  

I am curious as to what the new normal is for people in different stages of the recovery.  Brag or complain I would love to hear from anyone. As a newbie it's difficult to get some prespective sometime dealing with the ups and downs in isolation. That is why this site is great.


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As you said, we had surgery the same day. I started out slow got a bit worse. Then a bit better. Anywhere from 6 to 10 times a day. A lot of the time, the number of bms goes up because I have to get rid of the gas, and for me on the toilet, at least right now, is the only way to do that. I have slept through the night and I have been up about every hour on the hour. Now today seems a little different. Didn't go til 10 am the first time. I don't seem to have quite as much gas either . Could just be a good day, or a change. So far honestly, I don't think it's be to bad, though I've had my moments. My after surgery appointment with my surgeon is tomorrow and I'm hoping I will be able to start taking imodium or lomotal. Maybe some fiber. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It seems we spend longer periods of time in the bathroom also . Even though I am a true spicy food lover, I've been, of course, eating low fiber blan foods. I have tried about everything for gas, that is getting a bit better and doesn't hurt like it did at first.  Against doctor's orders i  have used Pepto one night and imodium another. So far, that's about it. I think Im doing okay.


Thanks for the reply.  I realized I didn't put up my state of being as of now after your post.

I am in much the same boat.  Each day a little different and it ebbs and flows towards progress.  My post surgery follow up is not until Monday so I am curious as to how that will go.  Let me know about yours.

Currently, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom and not much time exercising.  I try to walk around a couple times a day 10 min each time if possible.  I say try because walking of course tends to send me to the bathroom. I eat 3 meals a day... not large meals and usually have a snack in the afternoon.  Bland foods that should thicken up stools like rice potatoes and pasta are what I am currently eating. I am trying to get some fish in there for protien.  Also a bit of yogurt. Staying away from sweets seem to help.

I spend extra time in the bathroom taking a soak in the tub.  At least twice a day and often more. Yesterday, I sat up on the couch or chair nearly all day but today I wanted to sleep mid morning so I crawled in bed for a couple hours and dozed on and off.  Just tired.  I have not slept thru the night but I have had a few good nights of rest only getting up 1 or 2 times.  The constant physical and mental game of am I going to have to get up and go or not is exhausting.

I keep a journal to keep track and I believe the least amount of movements I have had is 12 in 24 hours. I have to keep track or I will underestimate it by far I know.  have taken immodium a couple times to good relief. I am also curious about metamucil.  I am trying not to do much with all that until I see my doctor and see what he says.

For the past few days it has gotten physically a little easier each day.  Here is to the next week being even better and more consistent.



I'm three months ahead of you in recovery. Your description, Mynewbutt, sounds much like my early days. I can tell you that now I don't think about it to nearly the same degree. I still go about 8 times per day including getting up once, sometimes twice during the night. The gas has diminished a great deal. I don't need to sit in the tub much anymore. I do get butt burn when I eat spicy food but will put up with it occasionally to enjoy my curry. My energy is much better although I have developed anemia for some reason. I'm not back up to exercising much but I don't really think I can blame the jpouch for that one (I'll blame the iron instead!) Trust that you haven't hit your new normal yet. This is likely just your new-early-recovery- normal.  One thing I will add is that taking psyllium 3 or 4 times a day has made things so much more manageable and comfortable for me. (In case you're not familiar with psyllium, it's metamucil without the sugar or flavouring and is much coarser)

Hello, MyNewButt.  Sugars and simple carbs might have a negative effect on your new pouch (pouchitis). Check the yoghurt ingredient label and if a serving (of anything) has more than 5 grams of sugar, it's a lot. Plain Greek yogurt has less sugar and much more protein so it's good for you. I use it in smoothies, or eat it plain with a sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon, a drop of vanilla on it and blueberries - if you can tolerate fruit now. Try to eat lots of chicken, fish, egg because protein will help your tissues heal. After my surgeries I ate one egg per day, and always fish or beef / chicken for dinner with well cooked peeled zucchini or carrots, or cooked spinach. Try cooking your pasta very al dente, which takes longer to go through you. I found it helped more than really mushy pasta which went right through me. I healed quickly on this simple whole food diet and everything settled down by the 6 - 8 month. It will get better for you as the days go by. I walked around the block, venturing a bit further each day. It was very hard in the beginning but it got easier to be away from home for longer periods. Just know where public washrooms are, carry moistened wipes or a travel bidet bottle, liners, and you will feel confident going out. One day you won't even think about it. Good luck in your recovery.


Im sorry you are having such a hard time. My surgeon also put me on a very low fiber diet. Less than 13 grams a day, also called low residue. Avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages if possible. Following this diet is suppose to decrease volume and bulk stool. I also use lactose free milk. Lactaid is the name brand. It's not bad. I wish there was a magic bullet for us, but I guess we just have to go through this. I hope it gets better for you soon.


Thanks Aimc.  I am actually not doing all that bad.  There are just those times you wish it was steady as she goes but it's not. I'm rolling with it though. There is a new challenge with in each day...keeps it exciting.  Lol.

I really like to hear the progress at different stages from those of us in this situation.

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