Hi, I got steps 2&3 combined 1 week ago and am miserable. Throwing up, nausea, weak, dehydrated, no appetite, diarrhea every 3 hours, incontinence (33 yo female).

Please tell me it gets better.

What can I do to help the recovery process?

I have no idea what to eat, just rice, chicken, yogurt, crackers.

Doc said recovery would be longer with combined steps.

Please help. Thank you.
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Hi minnie,
So sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. These surgeries are certainly no walk in the park, and as your surgeon said, combining them can make things a bit more difficult. How were you with the ileostomy? It definitely takes time for the body to adjust to the pouch, and for the pouch to adjust to usage. One week out is definitely very early in the process. Output can be frequent and loose. Stick to the foods you listed, which should slow things down. I remember oatmeal as being helpful. Hang in there, it does get better. Make sure to keep fluids in, which is most important.

Are you still in the hospital? If not, and you are vomiting and can't keep anything down, it may be time to call the surgeon, or go to the ER. Better safe than sorry. I was readmitted after my step two (I had three steps) because of vomiting and dehydration. Sometimes the bowel has not fully "woken up." You may need to be put back on IV fluids. If you are still in the hospital, they should be able to give you some anti-nausea meds to help. . .

Good luck, and I hope you turn the corner soon.


Thank you. I am back home now. Had ostomy for 4 years and did
Very well with it. Wondering if jpouch was the right choice. Will go to ER soon if not better. Thanks
If you continue to vomit you need to call your surgeon. It could be an indication of a blockage.

And it really does get better but it takes some time and a lot of patience.

In addition to the foods you listed, bannanas, potatoes, bagels, peanut butter, applesauce, chicken noodle soup are all good easy foods to eat right now.

Hope you feel better soon.
I threw up green bile again now. Poop is still coming out. Doc thinks it might be ileus. Can this resolve on its own or do I need to go to ER?
It gets better. Smiler Incontinence is expected.

If in doubt with all this, go to the doctor, even the ER. The peace of mind will go a long way toward helping you feel better by alleviating your anxiety. Stress and anxiety can make you nauseated, and the last think you need is to throw up when you need hydration.
I went to the ER last night and they are keeping me for testing/observation. they think it's a partial bowel obstruction since I threw up bile 5 times yesterday. I was very careful about eating soft bland foods, but I guess you could still get an obstruction? My stools are green diarrhea too so they are checking for infection. I hope the day will come soon that I will say I am glad I had this surgery. Frowner Thanks for the kind words.
Hi Minnie,

Many of us have been where you are now, and we are proof that it WILL get better. I am so glad that you went to the ER and you are in the hospital. I despise being there myself when I have to go in, but it is really the best place for us to get all our issues resolved.

I pray this nasty obstruction passes. How you have been feeling since you have been obstructed is NOT an indication of how you will feel when it has passed. I promise you.

It takes patience, courage and faith. I pray you feel better soon.


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